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yes until age of 17 then the courts and guardian can agree to emancipate the child The age of majority in all but four states is 18, that is the age when a teen can leave the family home by their own choice. Until they reach that age the parents are legally and financially responsible for them. The preferred way is for the teen to voluntarily return to the family home. In most states the parents are allowed, if necessary to use physical force as long as it is not excessive. The usual way is the filing of a runaway or absentee minor report with the authorities to have the teen taken into custody and let a judge decide what is to be done to resolve the issue. Early emancipation is NOT automatic and is NOT granted to every teen that applies. Procedures and requirements are established by the laws of the state in which the teen resides. Simply wanting to "leave home" is not adequate grounds for being granted an emancipation decree. The person must prove to the court that they can provide for themselves independently of adult involvement. This means you must be able to EARN enough income to pay for housing, food, clothing, medical care and if applicable educational costs. The teen petitioner must supply the court with the substantiating documents, and will be responsible to pay all court costs and legal fees incurred. The four states that have an older age of majority are, ALabama and Nebraska 19, Mississippi and Pennsylvania, 21.

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Q: Can a 16-year-old who has left their home legally be forced to go back?
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What happens if you leave your home before the age your suppose to?

If you leave your home before you are legally allowed to you can be forced to go back and filled as a runaway If you leave your home before you are legally allowed to you can be forced to go back and filled as a runaway

When you file for emancipation in North Carolina can you be forced to return home?

once you are legally emancipated no law inforcement can force you to move back home.

Can a parent throw a 16 year old out legally in the UK?

no, you have to be 18 legally to leave home home or be forced out of your own home

Can a make your 17 yr old come back home if she leaves?

well THE PARENTS CAN REPORT IT but in louisiana you wont be forced to come back you can legally move out at 17.

Your 17 and you moved out of your parents house and they forced you back home and they have been threating your boyfriend and you dont want to live with your parents what can you do to get out?

Leave, At 16 you are legally allowed to move out. Move out and don't let them force you back Leave, At 16 you are legally allowed to move out. Move out and don't let them force you back

Can a 16-year-old female legally leave home and not be forced to return?

yes its if its by law

Can you legally move out of your home at age 17 in Sherman Texas without being forced to go back?

As long as you can support yourself than yes you con leave. I sister did it!

Can you a 17 year old in MO be forced to go back to your mothers home after moving out?

Yes. A 17-year old is considered a runaway. Not until the legal age of 18 can she move out legally.

If a 17 year old moves out can she legally be brought back home?

Technecliay no because she/he is on her own now and well yeah you can not legally do that sorry :(

Do you have to accept your 18 year old kid back home?

Legally speaking, unless there are some legally extenuating circumstances which you haven't disclosed, no you do not.

If a seventeen year old in Ohio runs away from home can they be forced to go back home?

if they are not ill and just stupid then no

If you're seventeen can the police legally take you back home in the state of Texas?

Yes, in Texas they can force you to go back home. If you refuse, they could send you to a detention center.

In Texas if a 16 year old gets pregnant can she move out legally?

No. You being pregnant has nothing to do with the statute that defines you as a legal adult at 17. You can be forced to move back in with your parents at 16, but it most likely won't be ordered since you are so close to 17, and pregnant. So legally, no you cannot move out. In practice, go ahead - I doubt any judge would force you back home.

Who took Jeffrey Magee home from the book Maniac Magee?

Amanda Beale took Jeffrey Magee home. In the end she forced him to come back home.

If i am 17 years old in Texas can i walk out of the house and be forced back?

yes, at the age of 17 a person can be forced back home in Texas. A child must live with the parents until they are 18 years old.

Can a spouse be forced to leave her home and spouse legally?

Yes. For example, a restraining order against you by the other spouse will bar you from your home, your spouse's presence, your spouse's place of work, your kid's school, etc.

How much money legally have at home?

The legally amount of money you can have at home is as much as you want

Can a 17 year old in SC be forced to go back home if he leaves?

Yes, so don't even think about leaving home.

Can an 18 year old in Indiana be forced to move back home?

Not if you are of sound mind and all that. You are an adult.

Can a 17 year old femail legally leave home and not be forced to return?

Seventeen is not the same as being eighteen. Until you are an adult, the law can return you to the parents.

What will happen if you run away from home and live with your bf a 17 in Australia-?

If you run away from home and live with your boyfriend and are 17 and live in Australia, you can be forced to go back home.

What age can a child be forced to leave home?

The child can has to be 18 before they are forced to leave home

Can my daughter leave home at 17 then decide she wants to come back in the state of South Carolina?

Yes, legally.

Can a seven-teen year old Michigan runaway be forced to come back home?

Yes, they are an adult at 18.

Can an eleven year old be left at home alone legally?

Yes he or she can stay home legally at the age of.