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You can't make a cheap conversion. Most of the front sheet metal attaches similarly, and the rear hatch has a new hinge design and is metal, not fiberglass. Plus, the interior is all different, and a has a revised floor pan, making seat changes more difficult. Most of the glass is the same, but the windshield went retro with a gasket and was no longer glued in, with metal trim. The rear taillights were slightly restyled and can be added, but modifying the original fiberglass hatch is required. Swapping hatches will take some surgery to the roof structure to accomodate the new hinges, and seems to have been avoided by most. It has been partially done, ref: GoJeep's web site. The major change in look is the grille layout and softer corners, and is pretty subtle in effect. The monochrome paint of the later models seem to change the look more that the freshup of the body style.

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Q: Can a 1996 Cherokee be converted into the 1997 style And if it can how and how hard is to do?
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