Can a Canadian man marry a girl with a criminal record in Hong Kong and get her into Canada as a Canadian citizen?

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There is many steps to take for her to come to Cananda. Its going to be hard for her to leave the country depending on how serious her criminal records are. You may be able to get her into Canada as your spouse, if her criminal record is not too serious, but that will not make her a Canadian citizen. That is a completely different process which requires at least three years residence in Canada.
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How can a Canadian with a criminal record marry an American?

The person with the criminal record can get married to the American citizen, BUT they will NOT be granted residence in the USA. The same applies to Americans who have a criminal record, they are BARRED from entering Canada. We don't like to swap criminals. The only alternative, and it takes a while, ( Full Answer )

How can two Canadian citizens get married in Louisiana?

My first suggestion would be to contact the state of Louisiana. Are you trying to become American citizens, or do you just want to get married in LA? Ask the state of LA all your questions, and have them direct you to where you need to go. Go to

You are a Canadian citizen visiting US Do you need to return to Canada to marry a US Citizen?

If you are talking about getting married in Canada, then no paperwork is needed. In the US a fiancee's visa, which takes four months to get, is required. Answer nope.. you can get married but you won't be able to work. I AM LEGALLY married to an American man and i am Canadian. I got married to hi ( Full Answer )

If a Canadian living in the U.S and married to an American has a child in Canada can the child be both an American and Canadian citizen?

Yes, they can and are. Canada will recognize the child naturally because they were born on Canadian soil, and to a Canadian parent. The child will also inherit the US Citizenship of the American Parent, although the Parent will have to declare the child to the U.S. Consulate showing their proof of c ( Full Answer )

Can you marry a Canadian citizen who lives in the U.S. at the Canadian embassy and how fast can you obtain the permanent resident visa to Canada?

Answer \n. \nI do not know if you can marry someone at the Canadian embassy. I doubt it. Why would you want to? Why would you need to? A marriage that is legally performed anywhere in the United States is considered a legal marriage by the Canadian government and courts. Therefore, there is no re ( Full Answer )

Can a Canadian citizen married to a US citizen work in the US?

Answer . Yes, but they have to apply for and receive US immigration permission .. Answer . Do not work until you have your Employment Authorization Card. You can get one by filing the I-765, which you should have filed in the package for the Adjustment of Status based on marriage to a US citi ( Full Answer )

Can an American citizen marry a Canadian citizen in Canada?

Answer . \nYes you can, but you will have to go to Imigration for instructions as to what papers you need, etc. It's a little tougher since 9/11, but I know lots of Americans that are living in British Columbia. \\n. \nGood luck\nMarcy

How can you find a Canadian girl to marry in Canada?

The best way to find a Canadian girl to marry in Canada is to lookin the places where single girls are likely to be. Some places tocheck would be bars, dance clubs, and social events in the areawhere you live or would like to live.

Can a Canadian marry a US citizen in the US?

Answer . Yes, they can marry where ever they wish. However, there are immigration laws that regulate if the Canadian can leave the US after their marriage. Re-Entry visa MUST be obtained BEFORE leaving the US by the Canadian until Resisdency is established.

How do you marry a Canadian if you are an American citizen?

You just get a marriage license and get married. Before doing so, however, you should learn how the marriage will influence your ability to apply for citizenship in the country where the non-citizen will live. Another Answer That would depend upon the laws and customs of the place in which you int ( Full Answer )

Can a Canadian citizen marry in the U.S.?

Answer . Yes. You will need to meet the requirements of the state you wish to marry in (get a license, have the proper I.D., for example). A marriage that is valid and legal in the United States is considered valid and legal by the Canadian governmet and courts.

If a US green card holder marry a Canadian citizen will she become a Canadian citizen?

No . No. Assuming that there are no other legal impediments to your entering Canada, you could get into Canada. You could apply for permanent resident status - something you should do BEFORE you arrive in Canada. Being married to a Canadian citizen would probably be a big advantage. Getting Canad ( Full Answer )

Does marrying a Canadian citizen grant you citizenship?

Marrying a Canadian citizenship does not automatically make you a Canadian citizen. You would still have to go through the entire process that an unmarried "Alien" would have to go through. That is, apply and obtain Permanent Residency (PR) and then go through the Citizenship Application.. Ref: htt ( Full Answer )

How does a Canadian citizen marry an American citizen?

The laws for obtaining a marriage license don't address citizenship. You just get married. However, you should first research immigration law to find out how the marriage might influence the non-citizen's ability to apply for citizenship in the country where you will reside. Another answer: google ( Full Answer )

Can a Canadian receive a Canadian passport if he has a criminal record?

Yes. A Canadian citizen can obtain a passport with a criminal record. However, if it is child molestation, they have to inform the authorities if they leave the countries and increasingly, passports are being bar-coded so the authorities would know anyway.

Can a Canadian citizen marry a Brazilian citizen in Canada?

Hello, I did just that! When you marry a Brazilian you must either do one of two things:. Apply for permentent residence status for your partner and that can take 6-8 months this must be done in brazil. via the embassy. once the residency papers have been complteted and you have them, your par ( Full Answer )

Canadian involvement in Hong Kong?

One of Canada's first battles which didn't last long was when they fought in Hong Kong. This battle was right after the attack on Pear Harbor and Canada declared war on Japan. It was the first battle that Canada was apart of in WWII. This Battle lasted for a total of 17 days then they were forced t ( Full Answer )

What date did Canadian forces attack Hong Kong?

Attack Hong Kong? No, Canadian troops were there to DEFEND Hong Kong against a Japanese invasion in WW2. However, Hong Kong fell anyway, and those Canadians troops who didn't die were captured as POWs till 1945.

What is the process for a Canadian marrying US citizen?

The Application Process . The following is a general description of the application process: (No matter where you got married this will be applicable.). You get married and get the marriage certificate. . Get the application forms relating to the "Immediate Relative Visa" (commonly called the ( Full Answer )

Can a Canadian citizen visit the US and marry a US citizen?

Yes, but it would be inappropriate (i.e. visa fraud) to enter the U.S. under the VWP or tourist visa if your INTENT after marriage is to stay in the U.S. permanently after marriage. Entry should be made under a K-1 via.

When a Canadian marries a us citizen do they become us citizens?

No they do not automatically become a US Citizen. They would have to get a spouse's visa and then a marriage based Green Card. After the elapse of time - usually 5 years, they may then apply for US citizenship. - The period of time is 3 years, assuming you stay married to your US citizen spouse ( Full Answer )

Can a Canadian citizen live in the US if he or she marries a US citizen?

Yes. When a non-citizen marries a U.S. citizen, s/he can then apply for US permanent residency. It is important to note that you cannot marry someone solely to obtain a green card as that is considered fraud (though, for the most part, it is the government's burden to show fraud, not your burden to ( Full Answer )

Can immigrant be deported after marrying Canadian citizen?

YES - You are a refugee. That is a criminal offense by Canadian Laws. (this happens to many people especially in foreign countries). It seems like now a days people overseas believe or at-least think, that once you marry a Canadian Citizen you automatically gain access to Canada and Citizenship to l ( Full Answer )

Can a Canadian with a criminal record travel to the Bahamas?

Generally not a problem, their law directly states that if you are on parole, you must obtain permission from your parole officer, and that entry will be granted in circumstances involving bereavement, among a few others. Generally, if you have completed your sentence, and have not been convicted of ( Full Answer )

How does a Canadian with a Narcotics criminal record get a pardon to enter the US?

Canadians with narcotics criminal records don't get pardons to enter the USA - they get US Entry Waivers, which are good for 1-5 years. No matter where the crime was committed, you have to apply for a waiver with the Department of Homeland Security, a US body. There's a $585 fee just for applying fo ( Full Answer )

What is the significance of the battle of Hong Kong to Canadian history?

1. 500 Canadians wounded 2. 290 Canadians killed 3. 260 Canadians died as a result of poor treatment in Prisoner of War (PoW) camps. 4. Survivors were put into PoW camps for 3 and a half years where they were treated as slaves. Camps were filthy and survivors were tortured, assaulted, and sta ( Full Answer )

What happens if an American citizen marries Canadian citizen in Canada and the Canadian is bankrupt what happens with sponsorship and visas and such?

Any questions you have you should refer them to the Canada CIC. It is not impossible for the Canadian to sponsor you if he/she filed for bankruptcy but it does make it more difficult. Mainly they have to be able to AFFORD to take care of you once youre in Canada. But refer to the CIC. Google it. Can ( Full Answer )

Can a Canadian citizen be deported from Canada?

In a word No. If born here absolutely not. However, should one lie on their application for Citizenship, and a Judge determines that they did, then the application is fraudulent . Thus any Citizenship from that application is null and void and does not exist, ergo you can be deported. (But yo ( Full Answer )

How many Canadian MP's have criminal records?

found this little bit of data on the subject... In summary, the laying of criminal charges against a member of the House of Commons or Senate carries no immediate legal implication. Even if a member is convicted, he or she can continue to sit, unless sentenced to a term of imprisonment of two years ( Full Answer )

How long can a Canadian citizen leave Canada for?

You can leave for ever how long you want and they can't take your citizenship, but if you leave for more than 6 months you lose you're medicare once you return it takes 9 months to get your medicare back.

Can you join the Canadian armed forces with a criminal record?

It depends on the crime and whether you have cleaned up your act since then. According to the Canadian Army website: "Having a criminal record may or may not preclude a career in the Canadian Forces". However, they require you to have no outstanding issues with the legal system. In other words, if y ( Full Answer )

Can a Canadian man marry a man who is a US citizen?

Yes, there is no citizenship or residency requirement for marriage in either the US or Canada. However, if they marry in the United States, they will have to marry in a state that permits same-sex couples to marry (see related question below). They may, however, marry in any province in Canada. Beca ( Full Answer )

Can an american marry a Canadian if you have a misdemeanor on your record?

A misdemeanor in an American court should not be a bother, as long as you are not on probation for it. A common infraction would be if you were a minor in the jurisdiction of the court putting it on your record. If you had a felony, then I would surely be concerned.