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no...2WD and 4WD vehicles have completely different frames

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Q: Can a Ford automatic 2 wheel drive transmission be converted to 4 wheel drive by adding the transfer case?
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Where do you find transmission fluid hole 2000 ford ranger?

The location for adding/draining fluid depends on the TYPE of transmission on the vehicle. Automatic or manual?

Does the fluid from the trnsmission an transfer case mix in the Chevy 1 ton?

NO. If you keep finding yourself ADDING transmission fluid often and you have no leaks but the transfer case is over full then you need to remove the transfer case and replace the seal in the transfer case where it bolts to the rear of the transmission.

How change automatic transmission to manual ford bronco?

To change from an automatic to manual transmission in a Ford Bronco, you will have to fine a transmission that bolts up to the engine. The transmission mounts have to be changed. The shifter has to be changed along with adding an entire clutch system including a pedal. This will require brackets, drilling in the firewall and possibly welding under the dash.

How do you add automatic transmission fluid to a Subaru?

Driver side back by the firewall look down you will see a small dipstick put a funnel in where the dipstick is and pour slow adding only enough to make it full Do not put it in the passenger side where the transfer case is

Where do you add transmission fluid in an automatic 2001 Ford Ranger?

there is a transmission fluid check dipstick under the hood, get a funnel and use this tube. It drains directly into the transmission. check often while adding fluid, to much will damage it.

What kind of transmission fluid goes in 1998 Mazda 626?

Checking and adding Tranny fluid.There is a dipstick for the transmission fluid on all automatic transmissions, which is separate from the engine oil dipstick. The tube the dipstick sits in is the only place where fluid can be added. You will probably need the funnel with the really long, skinny neck, to be able to get the fluid into the tube. Be careful not to overfill the transmission, and be sure that you have the right kind of transmission fluid. The automatic transmission fluid level should be checked with the engine running, the transmission in Park or Neutral, and on a level surface. DO NOT PUT ENGINE OIL IN THE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION!

Do you have to remove transfer case when pulling an engine?

I have removed an engine without the transmission and transfer case by adding a temporary crossmember under the transmission. I used a piece of angle iron chained across the frame to support the weight of the transmission. This was on a Chevy with a 4sp trans. You probably should consult a repair manual for your particular auto to be sure.

How do you add transmission fluid to a manual transmission on a 2000 ford ranger truck?

On the side of the transmission there is a fill plug that is used for adding fluid. Fill it with Automatic Transmission fluid unitll it comes out of that hole. Then you know it's full. Macs Transmissions 281-394-4951

1991 Mazda Navajo will drive for a while but then the transmission slips if you shut it off and wait 5 minutes it will work again it is an automatic?

Begin by checking the transmission fluid level and adding if low or replacing if it is dark or smells burnt. Be sure to use a fluid approved for your transmission.

Where do i fill my transmission fluid in Grand Am?

The transmission fluid in an automatic transmission is added through the same tube that the dipstick sits in. For adding fluid, it is best to purchase a long-neck funnel, which is made just for this purpose. Be careful not to overfill the transmission. Always check the fluid level with the engine running, the transmission in either 'park' or 'neutral', and the vehicle on level ground.

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What Does a 1977 Ford bronco Weigh?

With the 302 cubic inch engine, C-4 Automatic transmission, and a Wagon hard top, about 3500 pounds before adding passengers/cargo.

Where do you add transmission fluid to manual transmission on a 1994 Mazda B 2300?

There is a plug on the side of the transmission for checking/adding lubricant. When adding lubricant, use a syringe or squeeze bottle.

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What do you put in a transmission?

The type of transmission fluid used varies with different models and manufacturers. It also varies between automatic and manual transmissions. Before adding or changing fluid in your vehicle check your owners manual or a repair manual for the correct type and capacity.

Does an 2002 Ford Explorer have an automatic transmission dip stick?

Not on the 2002 Ford Explorer - 4 door ( first year of generation 3 ) Ford has a way of checking / adding from underneath if a leak is suspected or the transmission performance is declining yes but where do you check the fluid level?

Why does a 1992 BMW 325I - morning starts wont ingage on first gear?

have you serviced the transmission lately??? would recommend first replacing filter and fluid with new recommend fluid. also adding a can of justice brothers automatic transmission condition and go from there.

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How do you check automatic transmission fluid Mercedes Benz slk 230?

Unfortunately, Mercedes designed their SLK automatic transmissions as closed systems, without means of adding or draining fluid. Ostensibly, as a closed system, there is no need. How do you add fluid if you've had to replace a rear axle?

Do you need the engine to be running when adding transmission fluid to a 1995 ford areostar?

Do you need the engine to be running when adding transmission fluid to a 1995 ford aerostar

Can you convert automatic transmission to manual transmission in gmc truck?

You cannot convert an automatic transmission to a manual one, but you can replace the automatic with a manual. It is a big job and if you do not do it your self would probably cost a lot more than selling the automatic truck and buying a manual truck. The manual will require different shift linkage, adding clutch pedal and parts to actuate the clutch, and you may need a drive shaft of different length. It is also common for automatics and manuals to use different rear axle ratios, and even the Electrinic Control Module and some wiring may need to be changed. Maybe that automatic is not so bad after all.

What type of fluid goes in the differential of a 1990 geo prizm?

I need to know the same thing but for those who tag it as adding transmission fluid, you're wrong. The automatic has a separate differential with its own fluid.

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