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No, that has nothing to do with idle speed.

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Q: Can a bad battery cause a car to idle high?
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Will a bad battery cause your car to lose power at higher rpm will it idle low at a stop?

No, but a bad alternator will.

2001 exp has high idle 1200rpm and overheats?

A bad camshaft can cause your engine to idle high and overheat. A fuel injector pump that needs to be adjusted can also cause the same problems.

What kind of problems could a bad vacuum hose cause?

High idle, irregular idle, difficulty in starting the vehicle, etc.

How do you adjust the idle on a 1988 Chevy Cavalier 2.0 four cylinder?

You can not adjust the idle screw, it is sealed off at the factory. If you are having a high idle problem check for a vacuum leak or a bad idle air control valve. These will commonly cause a high idle.

Can a bad battery cause a short in the radio in a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Bad wiring can cause a short in the radio. Bad battery will not.

What does a bad idle mean?

Bad idle may refer to many things. Generally it means the idle is too high, too low, or there are misfires.

What could cause a extremely high idle on a 1992 Ford Thunderbird?

possible cause of high idle could be that your idle contol switch / valve has carbon build up on it. remove and clean with carburetor cleaner. let it dry completely before re-installing it. idle should come down if not it has probably gone bad and need to be replaced.

1992 MGMdisconnected -battery post then reconnected will not idle now?

Other than resetting the ECU, disconnecting the battery should not cause the bad idle. You have reset the ECU and it may need some time and driving cycles to idle correctly. But I am doubtful this is the problem. I would suspect this is just a coincidence, and you have another problem.

What does a bad IAC cause?

the engine to stall and surge at idle

Could the egr value in a 1996 firebird cause the rpms to idle real high?

bad iac valve or vac. leak

1999 Dodge Ram 1500- Idle is erratic.Replaced the Idle CONTROL Motor a couple of years ago. Vehicle has about 82000 miles. ANY ANSWERS on why it would have to be replaced again?

A weak battery or a bad throttle position sensor can also cause erratic idle. If it turns over slow, the battery needs replaced. If you tap the tps and the rpm's change , the tps is bad.

Charging system drops at idle but charges up at high idle what could cause this?

That would be the alternator, voltage rgulator, or even a bad ground. Email MYCOMATT167@YAHOO.COM follow up

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