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Yes, if the vehicle was purchased during the marriage it is considered community property.

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Q: Can a bank in the state of Ohio hold the title or repossess an automobile that is in a spouse's name who did not sign the loan agreement?
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Does the cosigner on an automobile loan have to be on the automobile jnsurance policy?

Not in my state.

Is there a statute of limitations on car lien in the state of SC?

A lien is not subject to a statute of limitations. The lien was placed on the automobile through due process or the signed agreement entered into by the parties.

Can you repossess a car if the person who bought it from you still owes you money for the car and you still have all the paperwork?

Your state may have other requirements that you have to meet to do so. At the very least, you need a loan contract that perfects the security agreement.

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What are the laws on reposession in the state of Colorado Pretaining to the time limit of seizure of a automobile due to late payment.?

Legally and according to the agreement you signed, there may be a grace period that is clearly spelled out in your contract. After that window of time, they can immediately seize your automobile due to non payment. Often if the first payment is late, they will seize the automobile immediately.

Can the state of North Carolina charge for personal property when they repossess your car?

The state doesn't repossess your car - private companies do that on behalf of the lienholder. They don't charge you for private property left in your car when they repossess it - that would be illegal. They charge a "storage fee" for the items they remove from your car. Underhanded, yes, but they can legally do it.

What are the proper steps to take to repossess a motorcycle in Texas for non-compliance of details in a privately drawn up agreement?

This is best answered by a loacl attorney who knows all the details and can relate state specific laws to each.

What are the state laws for repossession in the state of Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a loan company can repossess a vehicle when it is just 1 payment behind. These companies can also repossess a vehicle at any time of the day or night as long as they do not breach the peace.

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That depends on your state laws and your separation agreement, if any.That depends on your state laws and your separation agreement, if any.That depends on your state laws and your separation agreement, if any.That depends on your state laws and your separation agreement, if any.

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Yes. A lienholder is the lawful and sole owner of that vehicle, and it doesn't matter where they repossess it from, so long as they do it in accordance with state laws for repossession.

Do you still owe the lender if the court rejected your reaffirmation agreement?

Yes. The reaffirmation agreement allows you to continue to make payments on a secured loan and retain the secured property. The rejection of the agreement simply means the creditor can apply for relief from stay and repossess or foreclose on the property. If you have been making post-filing payments, the creditor may not bother and, in some states, under state law cannot proceed against the property.

Can the company keep your license plate after they repossess your vehicle?

Only if the tags stay with the car in that state.

Can they repossess cars just because you move out of state?

You are allowed to move anywhere. You have to be behind on pymts.

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