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Your state may have other requirements that you have to meet to do so. At the very least, you need a loan contract that perfects the security agreement.

2015-07-15 19:54:16
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Can you hide the vehicle if they come to repossess?

no that's illegal and you shouldn't have bought it if you didn't have the money crackface.

How can you change the ownership of a gun in Tennessee?

If it's a person to person sale, no paperwork in required in Tennessee, however, many people suggest that you make a bill of sale so you have evidence that you sold it. As long as both people are Tennessee residents, you simply exhange the gun with the other person for the money. If it is a gun being bought at a gun shop, the gun shop will process the necessary paperwork (paperwork is required for a sale by a licensed dealer).

What happens if you unknowingly bought a car that had a loan on it and the loan is not paid off can they repossess the car?

YES, they can. The person who sold the car can be charged with selling mortaged property(felony in most states).You will be out your money. best to take the car back to the seller and get your money back while you have a chance.

When can a bank repossess someones car?

As long as the bank is listed as the lienholder on the title and as long as you owe them money and haven't paid they can repossess the car.

What allows a bank to repossess someones car?

Things may differ state to state, but in MI the lien holder basically owns the vehicle. I have the title to my truck, but it's got a big stamp on it from the credit union. The right to repossess the vehicle is in the paperwork that was signed at the closing of the loan, which also lists the vehicle as collateral for the money that was borrowed. If you can't pay the money back they have the right to take the vehicle because it's worth roughly the same amount.

If you gave someone money can you sue them for it back?

No. If I give you money, it is yours. You can do whatever you want with it. If I lend you money, I had better get a receipt. I will need paperwork. Then, I can sue you to get it back. The name of the game is paperwork.

The person who made it doesn't want it The person who bought it doesn't need it The person who uses it doesn't know he or she is using it What is it?

Easy! counterfeit money!

Can a mechanic repossess a vehicle if money still owed?

if you owe them money they generally will not release your vehicle to you in the first place

What does repo mean?

of course he can, if he's tough enough.It's short for "Repossess". Loan companies that are not getting their loan payment from the person that borrowed the money hire or pay a fee to "Repo" companies that repossess such vehicles, ie. also boats, RV's, motorcycles, tractors trucks etc.

How do you save a sick chicken?

cook it then sell it to somebody and then the person that bought t will die and yo get the money

What money did?

it bought.

Can you take your dog from China to Australia?

Yes, a person can their dog from China to Australia. However, they need to have all the proper paperwork, and extra money for the costs of bringing a pet.

If someone bought you a Reese's and you were going to repay them but when you opened the candy you won 100000 who would be entitled to the money?

The person who opened it.

How do banks get bought?

with money

Can a car dealership repossess your car if they say you owe them more money for a down payment?

A dealership can only repossess your car if you do not pay in accordance with the sale agreement. If you did not pay the agreed down payment, the car may be repossessed.

Can a finance company repossess my car if I am only one week behind in car payments?

Typically, yes. Unless you have it in writing that they will change your payment date, or accept a later payment, they can repossess your car for being only a day late on your payment. However, most companies will not repossess this early as it usually ends with them losing money. They make more money by you paying your monthly payments plus interest. In the long run, if they repossess they have to sell the car at wholesale or auction and typically the person whose car was repossessed does not pay the balance due. This whole process takes a lot of time and money. Usually your finance company will avoid repossession until it is a last resort. Buy here pay here places aren't so nice however. In the end, legally speaking, the answer is yes.

How do banks get their money back when they repossess an auto?

They sell the vehicle for what they can, then charge the remainder to you. They usually sell that debt to a collection agency, and the agency starts calling you for that money.

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It depends on the personality of the person. When you are emotional person you'll choose love rather than money. When someone loves you the most we are contented and satisfied on what we have. While for those who are materialistic of course money is the important things for them. They think that all things that can be bought will satisfied them.

What is the law in Texas regarding your vehicle being towed and taken by a company who says you owe them money and the car was paid in full?

If you owe any company other than where you bought your vehicle (because it is paid in full) the said company can repossess your car by towing it away to make up for the money you owe them. If it is the company where you bought the car and they have repossessed it then you should seek legal advice as Texas has many different laws and there is also 'Lemon Laws.'

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The odds of that happening are infintisimal. Cut losses and move on. If you've paperwork about it, or lost some substantial amount of money, contact your District Attorney.

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What are Trade Creditors?

person(s) to whom you bought goods on credit and who will invoice you trade creditors is therefore a liability (money that you owe to someone)

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This is probly because they had money and couldn't be bought as spies, unless the person was a millioniare or a billioniare.

What happens the person when your money order was stolen?

A money order comes with 2 parts. The top part you send to the company/person that you are sending the money. The second part is your receipt and you should be able to take that to the place where you bought the money order and get a new one. Look at the fine print on your receipt to see what the process is for a lost/stolen money order.