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don't have an answer but would really like to hear others opinions. 102 degrees here today, had the windows down so the car wouldn't get so hot on the inside. started the car, hit the power button to roll up the driver side window. halfway up, it shattered into a gazillion pieces. huge mess. heat?

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โˆ™ 2007-08-24 19:27:20
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Q: Can a car window break because of the heat?
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Why will a car window break under the sun?

Expansion caused by heat.

Why do car windows fog up?

well it could be because of the heat. if its cold out and you have the heat on in the car, then you will get hot and that will cause the window to fog.

Will a 295 fps bb gun break a car window?

It may not break the window but it will most likely chip or crack the window that will lead to more damage.

How do you unlock a jammed car door?

break the window then get in

If i throw a button at a car window will it break?

Will the button break? Or will the window break?It depends at the speed of the car and the material of the button. A small metal object hitting a car windscreen at high speed can break the window.A plastic button hitting the window of a stationary car will probably not do much harm, but a plactic button hitting the car window of a moving vehicle may do a lot of harm, not necessarily by breaking the window but by distracting the driver, which in turn may cause a fatal accident.Suggestion: Don't do it!

Break a car window with porcelain?

Yes very easily

Can granite tolerate heat?

Ever see a car window break from warm water being used to melt ice? Heat can do the same thing to granite. Don't set hot pots on granite!

How can I do car window repair on my own?

I wouldn't recommend doing car window repair on your own. Trying to repair a car window on your own can be very difficult and tedious. Glass is very fragile and it can easily break.

Why can you see through a car window?

LYou Can See Through A Car Window Because It Is Transparent.

How do you break a 8gb iPod nano?

step on it, run it over with a car, throw it out a window...why do you want to break it?

What cars are not easy to break in?

Any car can easily be broken into as all cars have windows. Break the window and you are in.

Where should an emt-b position a spring-loaded window punch to break a car's window?

Depends on where the Person Or where the People in the car are located for example if the people are in the front seat break the back windows to gain access to the front doors basically you want to break the window as far away from the person as possible

What is the benefit of using car window film?

The benefits of using car window film are: Improved appearance, solar heat reduction, ultra violent and heat protection, glare protection, safety by increasing security.

What to do when you break the window pane of your mom's car?

Call safelite or gO to a junkyard and find the window for cheep and look up how to put it in

Can a Daisy BB pump rifle break or shatter a car window from 40 feet?

It will not shatter a window but it can put a chip in the glass.

How do you unlock an Oldsmobile delta 88 car door without keys?

break the window

Can you break a window to get a dog out of a hot car?

Yes just simply use a hammer.

How do you fix a broken car window handle?

your going to have to take it to a mechanic. mine just recently broke and its because the handle had actually broken from the inside so they had to get all new parts for it. it sucked because for some reason my car window got stuck halfway down and you couldn't get it back up, so people were easily able to break into my car!

Can a daisy pump bb gun put out a car window at 40 ft?

Depends on the FPS of the BB and the type of window. It will most likely Chip the window but may break it

How do you remove stickers from the rear car window?

heat it up and use a razor blade.

Can a child break a car window?

Yes they can. Depending on what they are using to hit it with. My nephew hit my sisters car window with a baby bottle one time because he was throwing a temper tantrum and he hit it just right and the window shattered and fell out. My neighbor boy shot my truck window with a bb and it to shattered. And the neighbors kids were having a rock fight and they broke three windshields.

How can you get into your 2000 Jaguar when the car is locked and the battery is dead?

Yeah... sorry but break open a window.

Why do car windows break when it gets really hot out?

This usually happens with older cars, the glass isn't as strong as new glass is and cant stand the heat so it causes it to burst cracking and breaking the window

How do metals get hot in cars?

Metals get hot in car because it is a good conductor of heat. When sun rays fall on the car, car becomes hot or because of engine's heat.

Why your car heat turned cold?


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