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Can a cat be hermaphrodite?


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June 14, 2011 12:16AM

I believe our cat is a hermaphrodite. We have had her for 2 years she recently had kittens and now there are testicles where there weren't any before! I know it sounds weird but it's true. They are VERY noticeable I just think it so weird that they appeared after giving birth. If anyone has any information about this please write back. Thank you.

An ex-GF gave me a kitten. At first female. As I was living by myself in my own house I didn't want to de-claw & was leaning to not fixing her. Of course I was dreading to see how bad the whole heat thing would be but it never happened.

After between 18mo-2yrs I also noticed testes where there hadn't been any prior (yes that does happen, who knew?). The vet told me that she (he/she) had both & that neither worked. So yea! no fixing required.

Hannah Cat is normal, playful (but really overly dramatic; guess that's what you get w/ a Himalayan/Siamese mix). She's never done the heat thing & I caught her "marking territory" once; by the front door.