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Its your choice. What amount would they get IF they garnished your wages? More or less? Do they have a judgment for the balance due? IF so, they gave you a choice.

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Q: Can a collection agency say you must pay hundreds of dollars a month or your wages will be garnished?
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How do you use garnished in a sentence?

The collection agency garnished my pay wage in order to pay my debt.

Can collection agency garnish from your check a week in Arizona?

A collection agency cannot call your employer to garish your wages. In order for your wages to be garnished, you must be sued by the collection agency. And the agency must win a judgment against you.

If you pay twenty dollars a month on a hospital bill can they turn you into a collection agency?

I will pay twenty dollars a month on a hospital bill into a collection agency

Can wages be garnished after charge off in florida?

Yes, with a judgment, but if you're head of the household, no. Experience: I own a collection agency.

How long can a collection agency come after you for 70 dollars?

Until you pay your debt

Can a bill collector take away your military retirement?

Collection agencies have no authority to do any such thing. If your case goes to court, and the court rules in favour of the collection agency, then your retirement could be garnished.

Can collection agency garnish military compensation?

Yes, employees of the government can have their checks garnished. You should call and set up a payment arrangement to avoid this.

Can a collection agency collect money from someone who is unemployed?

Generally, a court will only allow unemployment compensation be garnished in the case of spousal or child support.

What is collection agency?

A Commercial Collection Agency is and agency that collects debt on behalf of their clients, same as a consumer collection agency, but a commercial collection agency collects business to business.

Is there a dollar amount for collection agency's to report to the credit bureau?

A collection agency can report you to the credit bureau for any amount of money. There are agencies that will report for amounts under a hundred dollars.

I get paid twice monthly my pay is garnished by a collection agency is this done every pay check at 25 percent or 25 percent monthly?

can you tell me the answer please?

Can a collection agency take your social security in Washington?

No. Social security and social security disability CAN NOT be garnished by a collection agency, BUT the Federal government can garnish it for child support, back taxes, unpaid student loans or any other money for which it is owed. SSI on the other hand CAN NOT be garnished by anyone, not even the Federal government since it is awarded by need. Hope this helps, Lsqud in PA

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