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Yes they can. Whomever you owe money too, sit down and start writing those letters to one or more companies you owe the money. Explain your circumstances, then send the letter(s) Registered Mail (this means someone at the Company such as the Accountant will have to sign for your letter) and be sure to keep a copy of the letters you write. Make a good effort to pay what you can afford. If you pay $10 - $20 on a credit card debt and have written the company they can't legally do anything about it. You can also have them lower their interest rates! Marcy No they cannot threaten any action whatsoever, as stipulated in the FDCPA. Any collection agency that alludes or actually threatens a consumer/debtor is subject to being fines and other penalties. Such action should be reported to the involved party's to the justice department of the state attorney general office.

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Q: Can a collection company threaten to take your car?
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What automobile company introduced the Phantom Car Collection?

The car company the introduced the Phantom Car collection is Rolls Royce. These cars are made in the United Kingdom and each car is made to suit the customer.

Can a repo company put a seize on your license and license plate and threaten to have you charged with a felony if caught driving the car they are trying to repo?

No, that is the job of the company that gave you the loan. The repo company can take your car the second they find it, but the real expense and trouble comes from the loan company you stole from. If you do not release the car you are in possession of stolen goods after a court judgment.

Can a collection company take your car to pay a debt if they have a judgment already filed against you?

I don't think they can take your primary car or home but they can make your life a living hell. Ask a lawyer just to be on the safe side.

Can a collection company take away the only car you have for a 4000 dollar debt if your car is worth 10000 dollars in value?

It depends upon the amount of vehicle exemption that is allowed by the state in which the car is registered or was purchased.

Can a credit card company take your car in Kansas?

A credit card company can sue you and receive a judgment in court demanding you repay your debt, but they can't take your car (or any other property) or put you in jail. Check out the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for your rights as a consumer.

Can the repo company take your car out of the county you live in?

Yes they can take the car were they need for safe storage. Just FYI if the repo company has the car it's no longer yours.

What does collection mean?

Collection is an attempt to get money or property from someone who owes money but has not payed. A hospital might have a collection agency call to attempt to get payment for past medical bills, while a loan company might use a repo company to get back a car that was never paid for.

Can a credit card company go after the car of a deceased person to satisfy unsecured debt?

A credit card company can sue someone for defaulting on debt. When they do this, they can be awarded a judgment. If the debtor has assets, such as a car or checking account, then they can be awarded those things. For property, usually the items are auctioned so that the collection agency (credit card company) can get the cash. If the person is deceased, you may be able to transfer ownership of the car before the credit card company tries to take it. Unless you are listed on the debt as a joint account owner, you are not liable for it. the FDCPA spells out your rights in terms of debt collection.

Can a co-signer call call the loan company to reposed your car?

yes they can call and take such action with the loan company that the loan company can then decide to take your car or call in the loan for full payment

Been in jail 9 months car in collection want to start making payments?

Contact the lending company.

Can a credit card debt take your car if it is not paid for?

In 2006 a credit card collection company took my 1997 Pontiac Grand Am...I called the police, but they had paperwork to prove they could take it, thank god the motor was they are still coming after me with the same balance as I had before they took the car.

If a car is stolen but there is no damage do i have to take it back?

If you have not settled with the insurance company you will have to take it back. If the insurance has paid out it is their car.

Can a car loan company take your tax refund?


Can a loan company that has a lean on your title to your car just comae and take your car?


What is the company Car Transplants all about?

The company Car Transplants is about breaking down various injured vehicles for money. They will pay you to take in your new car and rip it out for parts.

How long does it take to repo a car in Ohio?

That depends on several things. The first is the finance company that has the note, then the recoverey company they hire to come and get the car and the last is how long it takes to find the car. It can take a day or months.

Does it take long to finance a car?

It should not take very long to finance a car, depending on the car's model, condition, etc and also the finance company you are financing the car from.

Can you hire a car in LA and take it to Baja and leave it there?

why not call a car rental company and ask them?

Can the dealership take your car?

If you mean can the dealership take your car, if you don't make your payments. Yes. Usually the finance company will take your car, because the dealership has already passed your account to the finance company. If you have made a deal for a car that the dealership later discovers you don't meet the financial criteria, they will take your car back and offer you a lesser model for deal that suits your budget better.

What is the value of Jay Lenox car and amp bike collection?

What is the most expensive car in Jay Leon's collection

What is the only US car company that did not take any bail out money in 2010?

The Ford Motor Company

If a loan company never has the application for notice of lien signed by the auto owner can they take your auto away?

Sure ... as it is not YOUR car ... you are not the OWNER of the car ... the loan company OWNS the car outright. If you do not pay for something that you buy on time, the loan company has every right to take it back. You see, they hold the owners title on the car, so it is theirs to take away if one does not make the payments anymore.

Can someone be fired for car accident in company car?

Yes. You are responsible for the car and having an accident in it shows that you didn't take proper care of the car.

What car companys didnot take a government payoff?

Ford company

How long does a repo company have to take your car?

As long as it takes to get it back.