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Can a convicted felon who is married to a US citizen and has children apply for legal status to avoid deportation?

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No. In all likelihood if the person already held permanent resident status it would be revoked and he would still be deported. no, but there are waivers available to avoid deportation contact an Immigration lawyer for more information

2008-10-08 21:12:04
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Can an immigrant who is a convicted felon and married to a US citizen be deported?

Yes, the marriage does not give a person immunity from having his or her immigration status revoked and deportation ordered.

Can an permanent alien be deported if married to a us citizen?

The short answer is yes. Being married to a US citizen is not automatically protection from deportation. Any alien in the US is subject to deportation depending on the circumstances... especially if the alien (legal or undocumented) is involved in criminal activities and is convicted for a serious felony, drug offense or crime of moral turpitude.

Is it possible for a convicted felon to return to the us after deportation if you were to get married?

No, a mere marriage to a US citizen does NOT allow you entry into the US. You would need a waiver granted by the local US embassy/consulate.

If a US citizen is married to an illegal immigrant and they have two US born children can she obtain legal status or is she subject to deportation and would the children affect the decision?

If your already married she's already legal! * An immigrant legal or illegal does not become a US citizen by marrying a US citizen. The female immigrant who is in the US illegal can still be deported under US immigration laws. The issue of her being married to a citizen and having children may or may not be to her advantage. If she is taken into custody she will be given the chance to appeal any deportation issues, but there can be no guarantee of the outcome. The best option is for her to consult an attorney who is knowledgeable in immigration law before taking any other action.

Can a green card holder who is married to a U.S. citizen be deported if he is convicted of a crime?


After marrying a US citizen can you be deported?

yes you can. Just because you married a US citizen doesn't mean you are safe from deportation, not even a green card guarentees that. You still need to go through the immigration process and attain your green card before you are safe from deportation for being "illegal"

Can an illegal alien who is married to a US citizen and convicted of a felony get a green card?

No. A felony conviction disqualifies you from getting a resident alien card (aka green card); even a misdemeanor can, depending on the nature of the offense. Either case can lead to deportation, so tread carefully.

Can an illegal immigrant obtain a work permit if they are married to a US citizen?

No. Marriage to a US citizen does not alter the fact that the foreign national is unlawfully present within the US and can be subject to deportation to his or her country of origin.

Does being married to a US citizen save a person from deportation?

The answer depends on the reason he is being deported. Also if the couple can prove to an immigration judge that the marrige is real.

Married 3 years had 3 children with a US citizen does that make you a US citizen?

That gives you the right to stay in this country, but you are not a U.S. citizen.

Can an illegal citizen married for 10yrs to a citizen get granted citizenship when getting divorced if they have 4 children that are citizens?


How can a US Citizen who gave birth in the UK get her children back to the US when she is married to a UK Citizen?

Get court approval

If a US citizen is married to an illegal immigrant and they have 2 us born children can the father obtain legal status or is he subject to deportation and would the children effect the decision?

That depends- is the father the illegal immigrant or is he the US citizen? If so, he would have to leave the U.S. And no, the children have no effect on the decision.AnswerThe US citizen needs to find out the steps to get the spouse legal. If s/he is deported, it will seriously affect the family. Having US children does not change his status.Like all things, facing the problem and working on it right away is better in the long run.

Is an illegal alien who entered the US legally and married to a us citizen at risk for deportation after filing paperwork for citizenship?

There is no risk for deportation based on your illegal status. However, you are STILL at RISK of deportation if you commit a serious crime or crime of moral turpitude while you are a green card holder. You would be deported after serving any prison time.

How do go about returning to the US after deportation you are married to a us citizen?

idk but u should ask the president he should know. because he is really smart at this stuff! hope it helps

Can USA citizen father who is married to Mexican mother bring their USA citizen children to USA to visit where he resides in USA?


How can you become a citizen if you have been married for two years to a US citizen and have three children?

contact youre state department and take a test

Will an illegal alien married to a us citizen be deported for driving under the influence?

Very possible. Being married to a US citizen has nothing to do with it if you haven't applied for citizenship. Driving under the influence has a lesser of a penalty than driving while intoxicated. Never the less, it is still a crime. If you do get deported, you will not be allowed back into the country and if you re-enter illegally, you will be convicted of felony re-entry after deportation and will spend time in a Federal prison. Another problem is how where you driving if you are illegal? Illegals can not legally possess a driver's license.

Can an illegal immigrant be deported from NZ if they are married to a NZ citizen?

You can be removed from any country that has a valid reason for the deportation. Esp if they have a warrant against them in a country just waiting to hear from them and NZ does not want them there.

How can an illegal immigrant that is married to a US citizen and has children be deported?

no green card or faulty marriage

Can a pregnant immigrant who has 1 child that is a us citizen and is married to a us national citizen be deported?

If the immigrant entered ILLEGALLY, then there is ABSOLUTELY a chance of deportation, even with marriage to citizen and anchor baby. The only exception would be if immigrant filed a I-130 before Arpil 2001 while living inside the country.

What if your fiance is a German citizen and has been convicted of a felony in Germany when you get married will he be a US citizen?

Marriage to a US citizen does NOT guarantee citizenship. Depending upon circumstances he MAY not be allowed entrance into the country. In the US you would have to check with ICE to determine his possible status.

If you get married to a citizen how do you become a citizen?

No you do not. You still have to do the stuff.Like my mom married my dad he was a citizen but my mom was from europe.

How many children did Handel have?

Handel had no children and he actually never married. He did have nine siblings and became a citizen of Britain when he was 42 years old.

If you get married can you go for you citizen ship quicker?

Not any quicker than if you hadn't. However, your children will be citizens.