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Yes, they can still sue you even if they have written off the debt as long as they file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires. Writing off the debt allows them to take a loss for tax purposes. If they do sue and collect from you, they have to report it as new income.

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Q: Can a credit card company sue you if they wrote you off?
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Can a credit card company reopen a charged off account?

No, a credit card company will not reopen a charged off account. They may choose to grant you a new line of credit, but this would be rare.

Is paying off your credit card bad?

Only if you OWN the credit card company. Credit card debt is a silent killer. Make the choice to carry ZERO credit card debt.

How little does your credit card debt have to be for the credit card company to charge it off as uncollectible?

any amount due them

Can you get out of credit card debt?

Yes, you can. Simply pay the credit card company what they are owed, or have the debt written off.

Where do I go to pay off my credit card debt?

Your credit card company. You should be able to call them and pay your bill/debt over the phone or be able to do it on the internet on your credit card company's website.

What does it mean when an outstanding account balance is closed on your credit report and the balance is shown as zero but you did not settle the debt from four years ago?

Most likely the credit card company wrote off the debt. However it will show on your credit as a write off, and your credit is still negatively affected by this. You did not receive a get out of jail free card.

Can you use a credit card to pay off other credit cards?

Yes. Contact your credit card company. They will need the account numbers of your other credit cards.

Can I use my credit card after I pay off the collections agency?

No. Once it is sent to a collection agency the company has closed the credit card.

What is a balance transfer credit card?

A credit card balance transfer happens when on person opens a new credit account in a different company and use it to pay off the debt in his or her old credit card.

If a credit card company says you owe them money but it is not on your credit report do you have to pay?

If it isn't on your credit report, the credit card company still has hopes of you paying it off. When they see that isn't going to happen, you can bet your butt that it WILL be on your credit report.

How do you get a credit card 'Closed' on your Credit Report for a company which is out of business to reduce your available outstanding credit?

I would dispute it with the credit card companies and once they will have to take care of it or will either not be able to contact the company and therefore have to take it off.

What happens when you over pay on a credit card?

When you over pay a credit card, you have then a "credit balance." This means, in essense, the credit card company owes you money. You can either have them send you a check to pay off the difference, or the credit balance will be eliminated when/if you use your card again.

When can a credit card company charge off your account?

after 30 days or sooner

Will credit card company close your account once you pay off your balance?


Is there a way to delete my office name off my credit card?

I don't think there is anyway to have your company name taking off the credit card if it was issued for business purposes. I would call the provider of the card and ask them.

Can you write off credit card interest on your taxes?

Is there a way to write off credit card interest on corparation credit card?

If a Credit card company wrote off the debt and took a tax credit 4 full unpaid debt what legal rights does the credit card have in transferring rights to a collection agency?

Credit card companies win whether you paid or not. They write-off the credit card debt at the end of the year on their taxes, they also hedge their burden for increase risk by having insurance so they recover some of your losses from your default and they can sell their uncollectable debt to a third party (collection agencies). What rights do you have? The Fair Debt Collections Act. Your debt is with the original creditor (Credit Card Company) and not the collection agency any money you pay should be to the original creditor.

Can you call your credit card company and pay off the balance by giving them the number for another credit card and charging the balance onto that card?

No, they have to offer you the balance transfer.

What credit cards off a reward program?

Most credit card agencies offer at least one card within their credit card selection that provides rewards points. Capital One, Visa, Mastercard, Wells Fargo most bank-backed credit cards offer a rewards program. Check with your credit card company to see if they offer a program or if you are thinking of applying for a card, check with the company.

Where can I find a corporate credit card policy sample?

For all credit card companies, their corporate credit card policy sample could be found at the bottom of their official website or as a branch off of their terms of service page. However, if you are still unsure, you can call the credit card company yourself, and inquire about their corporate credit card policy sample.

What reflects better on your credit report a zero balance on your credit card or buying something once a month and paying it off?

Buying something and paying it off. It shows the creditor that you are responsible and not a credit risk. Be aware though, you will be flooded with competing credit card company offers.

How long can a credit card company keep applying charge off to your credit report after the loan was paid in full?

7 years

What can a credit card company do if you fail to pay off the bal?

harass you until it gives up

If a person has no estate at the time of death who would be responsible for his credit card debt?

Currently I am dealing with estate issues and credit card debts. I am not a lawyer but after talking to many professionals, it seems to me that if their is no estate and no joint credit card holders then the card company will have to write it off.....

How can someone pay off their credit card debt?

There are many companies in exsistence today that can help people with growing credit card debt, such as; Consumer Credit, Care One Credit, and a company called Credit Card Debt. One of these services will steer you in the right direction in lowering and eliminating your credit debt.