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Can a dealership have you return a car that is signed for after 8 days of you having it because of a financing issue?


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2005-11-15 03:48:47
2005-11-15 03:48:47

I'm sure each state has different rules/laws, but I know this can happen. It happened to a friend of mine in Oregon. Ask the car dealership to show you where in the fine print it says you must return the car, or worst case scenario, consult a lawer.

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A check given to the dealership will be cashed. This is normal in business. Whether they can keep the money or have to return it is based on what your purchase agreement reads. Where I live if the purchase agreement has "Subject to financing" on it the down payment must be returned if the dealer can not get you financing and you can't get outside financing. If it does not have that in it they get to keep the money.

You could sell it, but I don't believe you can return your vehicle to the dealership for a refund just because you are deploying.

No the dealership is under no obligation to allow a consumer to return the car. Once the contract is signed the car has a new owner and belongs to the buyer.

Return to the dealership immediately and have the situation corrected.

Yes, if the bank refused to finance the car then the deal is off. The deal was contingent on the financing going through. It didn't so the deal is off. Look for financing somewhere else.

As long as you have not sign any paper work at the dealership then you should be able to return the vehichle? Howver if you sign the paper, I might suggest that you try to refinance with someone else if you feel that perhaps your interest rate is too high.

If they do not know who the financing is then you havnt signed a finance agreement so in that case you should be able to return the car and get your trade back. sounds like to me they are shooping your loan to different lenders. Just make sure you didnt sign a finance agreement.

"If you purchase a used vehicle in Nevada and then no longer want the vehicle can you return it to the dealership and rescind the contract?"

you can not return a car with in any amount of time unless the sale was made away from the dealership i.e. at your house if there was fraudulent behavior you might point that out to the dealership thay may be willing to take it back in lue of a legal battle

You can return it to have it repaired under the recall at no cost to you for the recall.

You will be forced to return the car if the financing did not go through. Depending on how long you have had the car, how many miles you have put on it, and what your contract says, you may have to pay a small amount for its use.

If the financing was being arranged by the dealer he should return your deposit. However, if you were arranging the financing then it is not his fault and depending on the wording of your contract he may be entitled to keep your deposit.

There is no return time in Georgia. A 72 hour right of rescission is for unsolicited sales. A car purchase is considered solicited because you initiate by visiting the dealership. You bought it and you own it.

You must leave it ON the dealers property somehow.

Operating lease is a off-balance sheet financing because in operating finance company don't buy the assets but even then it enjoys to use the assets which helps the management to improve return on total assets as net income increased but no assets show in balance sheet.

Return on capital employed means an accounting ratio used in finance, valuation, and accounting. Not to be confused with return on equity, it is similar to return on assets yet takes into account sources of financing.

You cannot return a new car unless the dealership or individual allows you to. There is no provision for buyer's remorse.

No. Instead, you can drive to Brazil and get it painted a different color.

No, the car depreciates after you take it off the lot from the dealership.

Depends on the dealership you bought the parts from. Usually 30 days...

If you bought the vehicle you cannot return it period. The Buyers Remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

Yes, depending on the dealership, you should have a 15-30 day period to return the car.

NO. go to's a great site for first time buyers or anyone for that matter. generally used cars are sold "as is" no warranty.

When you go to a used car dealership, you should always ask them if the vehicle has been in any accidents, if they can provide repair history, a buyer's guide, and ask what their return policy is. If the dealership cannot provide repair history or has a no returns policy it is best to find a different dealership.

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