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They can if it's written somewhere, such as your contract or in a place where a buyer would be reasonably able to see it.

2006-08-23 19:05:57
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Can a car dealer keep your deposit if I am not approved for finance?

yep, do it!

What is Sec Dep OAC?

The abbreviation Sec Dep means security deposit. OAC means on approved credit. So, when you put the terms together is means that s security deposit would be required once your credit is approved to rent the apartment.

Is a certificate of deposit a current or fixed asset?

Certificate of deposit if purchased for one year then current asset otherwise long term asset.

How to get a Secured credit card for people who have very bad credit?

I would use Google to search, or contact your local bank. Make sure that you have a deposit of at least $200 if you plan on getting approved. If you have the $200 deposit, you will most likely be approved 99% of the time.

What's the cash deposit limit that will have to be reported to the government?

if you buy a car and pay cash will the dealership report the transaction to the government?

Is it legal for a dealership to erase an advertised sale price after i agree to buy a car?

Did you put a deposit down? Did the sale expire?

What are Negotiable Instruments of Deposit?

It is a negotiable bearer receipt issued by an approved Commercial or Investment Bank as evidence of a deposit placed with it for a fixed tenor at a specified fixed rate if interest.

List of scheduled bank in India approved by RBI for Bank Gurantee and deposit receipt?

whether kotak mahindra bank is approved in india by rbi for bank gurantee and depopsit receipts

Who issues negotiable certificates?

Approved Commercial or Investment Bank issued Negotiable Instruments of Deposit (NID).

What banking is best banking?

Cash Reward:Up to $500 per Approved Funded Loans/$25 per Interest Account Deposit/ (0.5% of D .ly/nnTBbl9 Cash Reward:Up to $500 per Approved Funded Loans/$25 per Interest Account Deposit/ (0.5% of

Can dealership keep 100 dollars of your money because you changed your mind if you never took possession of car?

Was the $100 a nonrefundable deposit? Yon have to be careful about giving anyone including a car dealer any money prior to executing the purchase. They will try and get you to give a deposit, to hold the car, which is often not refundable unless they can not get you approved for a loan. This doesn't mean if you don't like the terms which may bring interest rates of 20 or more percent. This means that no one that they deal with will lend you the money.

Can a car dealership sell a car thatthe dealership has a deposit on?

yeah i do it all the time, it may sound unethical but its true. Putting a deposit on a car is just a way of locking you in on the sale. on the reciept it will say non refundable and normally will give u 7 days to pay the rest. but if you put that money down and someone comes in 20 mins later with the cash its sold... then the seller will call u back and tell u there is something wrong with the car and you can come back and get ur deposit money. kinda sucks but that's life...

Does CD Rate stand for Certificate of Deposit Rate?

Yes it does. It is the interest rate assigned to a certificate of deposit at the time it is purchased. They generally offer a fixed rate of return for a specified period, which then nominally increases with the amount or the term of the investment.

What is an advance fee loan scam?

That's where a company pretends that they have approved you for a loan, and that you just have to send a deposit or fee to get it. After you send the money, you do not get the loan. You may be asked for a yet another deposit or fee, and they'll keep asking as long as you keep paying. But you will not get the loan.

Law can a mobile home manufacture cash your down payment check before loan approval after telling you they will hold it until you were approved?

You should check your contract and make certain your deposit will be returned if you don't qualify for the loan. If the promise to hold the check until the loan is approved is part of the contract the company has breached the contract. However, if the loan is approved and the sale goes through you haven't suffered any damages. If the sale doesn't go through the contract will govern whether your deposit is returned or not.

Can a landlord in California charge first last and security deposit?

landlords can charge you what ever they want (with out a lease) ... its your wellness to pay that sets the tone ...Answer:The person who wrote the above"answer" is clearly not informed about landlord tenant law. First, in California, everything you pay EXCEPT for the 1st month's rent is considered a deposit. It does not matter what it is called. It does not matter what is on the lease agreement. Anything over the 1st month's rent is a deposit. The maximum deposit the landlord can request is double the rent. So if he asks for first, last and a deposit, he is really asking for double the rent as a deposit. This is legal. However, if the rent is $2,000 and the landlord asks for first, last and a $4,000 deposit, that is illegal.

Do you have to return a deposit on a personal car sale after 5 days if they no longer want the vehicle in new york?

no ..... not private sale.....might have to within 3 days at fine print ...

How do you get tender information in Bangladesh?

By communicating with the respective minitries who have a tender on board. Fill in the blanks of the entry forms, put required deposit money and wait for the result. If your mentioned bid is the highest, you will be informed.

Which payment services are offered by the PayDayOk website?

Payment services for the PayDay Ok website include Direct deposit, and cash. These loans are usually given out as soon as a day after they are approved.

What are the types of deposits in SBI bank?

Savings account depositChecking account depositFixed depositDomestic term depositSingle term depositNRO fixed depositNRE fixed depositRenewed maturing depositsBulk depositFresh depositTax saver fixed deposit

Can i deposit cash into my clydesdale bank account at a Yorkshire bank?

I have tried this in Warrington and they point blank refused. However, according to Clydesdale they should take the deposit. I tried twice at the same branch in Warrington, but to no avail. I will be trying in Leamington Spa in a few days. I will keep you informed - if you know how, let me know. Thanks, Kevin

Is it legal for an apartment to cash your security deposit before you get approved?

Probably. I mean, if I were renting an apartment to someone, I'd want to make sure their checks clear before I let them move in.

Highest Interest in which deposit - recurring deposit or fixed deposit?

how to calculate Recurring deposit interest ?

What are some common deposit services?

Some common deposit services are direct deposit, bank by mail, night deposit, and remote deposit capture.

A car dealership deducted your deposit TWICE on a car you bought 3 months ago and they just found out about it now they are demanding for their money Do they have a right to legal action?

It depends on where you live...In the UK I believe that it is their fault and as such you are not liable for their mistake.