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If it isn't in the contract that you have to get the oil changed there or it voids the warranty, they can't void it. Read the contract very carefully and make sure it doesn't say that. Just a side note. If it is in the contract, they should have told you. That part won't hold up if you have to go to court, but it's just the nice thing to do. Don't buy from there again. If you don't see it anywhere in the contract, you need to go to the dealer and make them show you where it says that. If they can't show you, tell them you want them to honor the contract or you'll sue them. If they won't honor the contract, then you need to find a lawyer. There are some lawyers that will look at your case for free and let you know if it's worth taking to court. Or if you can't afford a lawyer after that, you may be able to find a mediator or something to deal with the case for free. Talk to someone at the court house and see what they can do for you. If it's not in the contract, they can't void it for you taking your oil changes somewhere else. Good luck!

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Q: Can a dealership void a warranty over something that is not in the contract?
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warranties on jeep liberties are they carried over from a first time buyer to second owner if bought from a dealership/23,000 mi.?

As long as the warranty is still in the boundries of being valid then the warranty will be carried over to the new owner.

Can a dealership keep your deposit if you purchased a car kept it for over a month then was informed by the dealership that the loan was not approved?

They can if it's written somewhere, such as your contract or in a place where a buyer would be reasonably able to see it.

How can I obtain a used car warranty?

You can purchase a used car warranty most of the time for used cars. You do not have to do anything separately to get one - usually when you talk to financing at the dealership they will go over the warranty at the same time of the car sale. You can purchase a warranty without any issue on cars made within the last 5 years.

If a dealership makes a mistake on a contract is it valid?

In dealings such as these, consult an attorney in your local area. A contract, even one with errors, is legally binding upon the signing parties. Hopefully the error is in your favour. Note that if you didn't have an attorney look over the contract, it could be completely different from what the dealership said. (A verbal contract is generally only worth the paper it's printed on.) I am not a lawyer. You should consult a local lawyer. It's always a good idea to have your own attorney look over any contract before you sign it.

Can your vehicle be repossessed if it is involved in litigation over warranty issues?

two different issues. Paying the notes (DEFAULT) does not concern warranty issues. Contract does not say that you dont pay if it dont work.Lenders have wisely avoided getting their loans confused with warranty. Lenders loan money, warranty takes care of the problems.

What relief are availble to the parties of contract warranty and condition in a sale of good contract or under the law of contract?

None. There are a select few ways to get out of your contract. You have to roam off network over 75% of use. If your company changes its fees such as administrative fees you have 30 days to cancel without penalty, if you express that is your reason.

Do you include warranty charges on the initial cost of a fixed asset?

Include the cost of extended maintenance/warranty contracts in the asset valuation if the contract is purchased at the same time (or soon thereafter) as the capital asset. Depreciate these contracts over the useful life of the asset not the the contract life. Do not capitalize payments for contracts not purchased at the same time as the capital asset.

what is the best car warranty?

Renew it if you are covered under the old warranty switching warranties can be risky business and can leave u less than covered in some areas. Always go with what works over something new.

How long does the warranty on catalytic converter last on a 2003 Toyota corolla?

The emissions warranty on the 2003 Corolla is for 70000 miles. I have recently had the check engine light come on and had the dealership analyze the issue. They pointed to the catalytic converter. The check engine light came on shortly after the car reached 75000 miles. Bad new is the dealership quoted repairs at over $1200! Needless to say, I was not happy with the diagnosis nor the price. I expect better from Toyota products.

What is Hank Baskett wroth?

is he wroth if so he'd be angry so im guessing it'd be over his contract or something

What is the average length of a car warranty?

The average length of a car warranty is about a year. If the age of the car goes over a year, the warranty of the car will no longer be valid and thus, there is no insurance or warranty.

Who took warranty over from Sound Advice?


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