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Can a doctor tell your parents about your sexual activity if you are under 18?

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2006-08-30 12:43:38

Yes. Its that simple. * No, not in the general context. Federal

regulation Title X supports a minors rights to privacy when it

pertains to issues such as contraception, treatment of STD, etc.

(the exception in some states is abortion). 30 US states by

statutory law protect the minors rights to privacy when it relates

to medical care such as cited in the question. The US Supreme Court

has continued to rule that the US Constitution affords a minor the

same privacy rights in such issues as it does an adult regardless

of the laws of the state in which the minor resides. The best

choice would be for the minor to discuss such matters with their

parents. In lieu of such, the legal community will uphold said

minor's legal rights to privacy in such issues. The medical

community tends to have the same view with the exception of life

threatening situations where it is believed that the minor is not

able to make an informed decision.

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