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Can a felon with an expunged record answer no on a questionnaire?

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Yes , but if your employer finds out it will be grounds for termination .

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Can a a felon with an expunged record get a Dental Hygiene license in California or Nevada?

A felon with an expunged record can get a dental hygienist license in California. When someone is expunged it is erased so it will not longer be on your record.

How does a felon get their record expunged?

You don't. A felony stays on a criminal record forever.

How does a convicted felon restore there gun rights in Oregon?

Have your record expunged or the conviction overturned.

When Felon jailed how long does that stay on your record?

For the rest of your life, unless they are legally expunged.

Is a felon always a felon?

Basically, yes. It is possible to have a conviction overturned and removed from your record, if evidence is submitted showing that the felon is actually innocent, but otherwise, yes. Sometimes, a person can have a charge expunged, but contrary to popular belief, that is not the same as if it never happened. Expunged simply means that it is no longer on your public record. Law enforcement can always see it on your record.

Can you get your gun rights back in ks if you get a felony expunged?

Getting a felony expunged doesn't make it go away - it simply limits access to that record. A felon with an expunged record is still a felon, and is still prohibited from purchasing, possessing, or being allowed access to firearms and/or ammunition. That's a federal law, and it does not vary between states.

Can a convicted felon vote in the state of Alabama?

Not unless he has petitioned the court to have his record expunged AND his rights restored.

How does a felon get back the right to own a firearm in the state of New Mexico?

have his criminal record expunged by an attorney.........................

Once your are a felon do you always remain a felon?

If you commit a felony crime it will stay on your record for the rest of your life unless you get a pardon or get the felony expunged. You will need a lawyer and a lot of patience to get this off your record.

Can ex felon be charged for taking photo with handgun?

It depends on what you mean. There is really no such thing as a "ex felon." A felon can sometimes get his rights restored or get the felony expunged from his record, or both, but a felon who has not had his rights restored cannot possess a firearm at all.

How long till an ex-felon can own a shot gun in Michigan?

It depends, but the basic answer is no. The more complicated answer is, the term "ex-felon" is almost always misused. Once you are a felon, you are ALWAYS a felon, unless the charged are reversed and removed from your record because you are later found to be innocent. Even if the charges have been expunged, you are still a felon. Expunged simply means the charges are no longer visible on your public record. If you went to prison and got released, you are still a felon. Felons can sometimes have their rights restored, but again, they are still a felon.

Is a expunged record really expunged?

An expunged record is really expunged under most circumstances. Very high level government officials may be able to see.

Can ex felons practice law in North Carolina?

No. BTW, there's no such thing as an "ex" felon. They're just felons. Actually, you can be an ex-felon. If the record is expunged, or dropped to a misdemeanor, you formerly had a felony; however, currently, you do not.

How do you get your rights back to own guns if you are a convicted felon in Florida?

From research it does not appear that there is any means available to have gun rights restored to a convicted felon in the state of Florida.For your information - below is a link the Florida Expungement law.HOWEVER - Even if you qualify for expungement - the expunged record is closed ONLY to the general public. Government agencies and law enforcement always have access to the expunged record.No.

Can an ex-felon own a gun?

It depends on several things. The term "ex-felon" is widely misused. If you mean a person who has previously been in jail for a felony, the person is still a felon even though he or she is out of jail, and a felon cannot own a gun in the U.S. In some circumstances, a felon can have his record expunged and petition to get his rights restored.

Can a felony be expunged in Oklahoma?

Yes, some felonies can be expunged from a persons record in the state of Oklahoma. A request will need to be filed in District Court for the record to be expunged.

How long after you get your record expunged is your record clean?


Do you answer yes when asked if ever been convited of felon or misdemeanor when it has been expunged?

If you are seeking employment with a private business you may answer no. If you are seeking employment with a government agency you should answer yes. While private business and the general public cannot access the record, government agencies WILL be able to legally access your expunged record.

Can you buy a gun in Ohio with a expunged juvenile felony?

No. Expunged simply means it's not readily accessible information on the public record. You remain, however, a convicted felon, and the felony conviction will appear when your NICS background check goes through. Under federal law, it is illegal for a convicted felon to purchase, be in possession of, or otherwise have access to firearms and/or munitions.

Can you own a gun with an expunged felony record in California?

if your record has been expunged then you have no record, and you should be able to own a firearm unless your states restricts such ownership ????

After 30 years can a felon own a gun in Iowa?

Not unless he has requested that of the state that his felony record be expunged and requested that his gun rights be restored. If the person was a convicted FEDERAL felon, they will not be able to - no mechanism is in place for granting federal felons a restoration of their rights.

Can a felon in Arizona own a black powder rifle?

If he was convicted in state court - not without having his record expunged by the state of AZ - If he is a felon convicted in a FEDERAL court he can never be eligible to own or possess a firearm including black powder weapons.

Can a convicted felon in the state of North Carolina own a firearm?

NO No convicted felon in any state can own a firearm The State of North Carolina may say yes, but the Federal prohibiting say no. Unless the person's record is expunged or set-aside.

How do you know if a prior felony has been expunged?

You have to do a lien and then submit to the Judge to have it expunged from your record.

Is there a record of an expunged felony?

If it was expunged by court order, the record will not available to the general public. But the 'true' record is still available to the courts, law enforcement, and government agencies.