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It depends largey where he /she is from, but the main thing is that he /she have a VALID visitor visa PRIOR to entry to the US. Th visa will usually be issued for 6 months,and maybe extended at the discretion of the regional CI (INS) office. If you are already planning to marry then once your fiance is here marry within the first six months and then you are legally allowed to sponsor him/her as a family member. You should be aware that even though you are married you will still have to PROVE that the marriage is not one of convenience i.e. to obtain a Green Card.They do have very strict rules on this. I hope this helps, good luck.

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How do you go about marrying your 15 yr old fiance in Oklahoma with her parents not knowing and also her being pregnant?

Impossible. She needs parents to come with her to get the marriage license.

If Annulment is not final and you buy a house in Florida can a lien or collectors come after you and attach a claim to the new home for wife's debt prior to marriage even with quit deed signed?

Debt prior to marriage should not be transferred, but any debt from the marriage is still your responsibility if she fails to pay.

Can my fiance come to married in cambodia with my and he visits only1 week can we apply married to embassy US?

You should approach the US embassy for accurate information or just register your marriage with the Cambodia government. The marriage will be recognized by the US government.

How does a US citizen make an illegal Salvador a US citizen by marriage if had a child?

Best Guess: The Salvadoran can go back to El Salvador with or without child (who has U.S. birth certificate). Then U.S. citizen can file fiance visa. Once approved, Salvadoran goes to US consulate in El Salvador and gets fiance visa to come back to U.S. for purpose of marriage. Usually fiance visa takes about 3 to 6 months.

Is the wife responsible on husband debt if incurred before marriage in mo?

No you are responsible for his debt prior to marriage. Keep in mind that each come to the marriage with their own personal credit history. You are only responsible for joint accounts. Credit obtained in both names.

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