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Can a gas water heater be installed in a bathroom?

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yes there are direct vent gas water heater available Absolutely NOT

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What is the correct height of a gas hot water heater installed in a garage?

THE PHCC recommends 24 "

How does a gas water heater function?

I am considering buying a gas water heater. How does a gas water heater work?

Gas Water Heater?

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Who should install a hot water heater?

An electric can be installed by any plumber or smart handyman. A gas one needs a gas fitter.

Do you need gas for an electric water heater?

No, you only need gas for a gas water heater.

Why do you smell propane gas from the hot water heater?

Have gas line and all gas fittings and connections at water heater checked for gas leak. Should not smell gas at water heater.

How does gas water heater work?

The gas water heater works through a principle of physics which is known as convection. The gas heater is similar to a water heater only that it has one heating unit.?æ

What is the difference between a mobile gas water heater and standard gas water heater?

The difference between a mobile gas water heater and a standard gas water heater is that a MH unit will use an outside air intake for combustion. That is the most important difference.

What to do when a water heater fails?

Turn off electric to water heater, depending on style, gas water heater may need electric turned off to it also. Turn off gas for gas water heater. If unfamiliar with removing and installing water heater, call a plumber.

Water Heaters?

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What is the best gas water heater?

Anyone has a good gas water heater, but Bradford White is a decent unit.

Can you put a propane water heater in a mobile home?

As long as it is installed correctly, it doesn't matter what type it is. Propane, natural gas or electric.

Where can one buy a gas water heater in Miami?

My gas water heater has begun to leak. Where can I get a new one in Miami?

How close can you install cpvc pipe to a gas water heater?

There should be no more than six inches between CPVC pipe and the exhaust flue on a water heater. If the CPVC pipe is installed too close it can be a safety issue.

Where is the drain on a gas hot water heater?

Side of water heater, near bottom.

Does a drip leg a city code item or should it already be on the water heater or boiler?

It needs to be installed on each part of ontario gas code

What does it mean if the flame on a gas water heater is burning yellow?

When a flame on a gas water heater is burning yellow it means that the gas has carbon. It can also mean that the gas has sodium.

Is a tankless electric water heater more efficient than a gas water heater?

Normally NO

Do you have to turn off the main gas value to change a water heater?

Not if the water heater is electric

Why isn't the gas hot water pilot not lighting?

Gas not turned on to water heater. Gas valve on water heater not set to pilot setting. Faulty gas valve. Igniter for lighting pilot not working.

Can you replace a modular home water heater with a regular gas water heater?

If your modular home has a regular gas supply that is a satisfactory way to do it.

What is cheaper to run gas water heater or electric water heater?

Answergas heater is cheaper by far !!!!!!AnswerThis is entirely dependent on the cost of energy in your area.AnswerTalking from experience, we installed a Titan Tankless N180 electric water heater 8 months ago and it uses approx. 300kw of power with an approximate cost of $50 per month. We have 5 members in the family, and live in Southern California. My best estimate from a comparative analysis on the gas savings is we're only saving between $10 to $15 per month. Electric water heater seems to make sense for vacation homes or where gas is not available.

Your electricity just got shut off Will your gas water heater still distribute hot water?

Yes, your gas water heater will still distribute hot water.

Can a heater in a bathroom be dangerous?

Possibly. If it's a hot water radiator part of your home heating network, then no worries. If it is an electric heater, you run the risk of shorting the heater if the internals get wet. This damages the heater and can cause a shock. If you have a GFI plug in the bathroom (a plug with a little reset button on it) you reduce the risk of shock, but damage to the unit can still occur. If it is a gas heater, you must have good ventillation (an open window will not be enough) otherwise you will fill up the bathroom with exhaust fumes, making it difficult to remain alive for extended periods of time. Simply put, don't put an external heater in a bathroom.

What are the advantages of using a gas water heater?

At current gas prices they cost less to use and a gas heater gives you a much greater supply of hot water on demand.

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