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There are occasions where high school students attend colleges while still in high school. Some institutions have what are called bridge programs. The requirements are particular to the high school as well as the college or university. A student interested in such a program should make as appointment with their high school guidance counselor for the appropriate information.

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Some local community colleges partner with high schools to offer "Dual Enrollment." Check with your high school guidance counselor or with the student services office of your local community college.

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yes you can, because you could go to school in the morning and go to college in the night.

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You may be able to get into a local Community College. You just need to get your GED and your set.

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It is possible to attend a University or College without finishing high school, but only if you have your GED. Acceptance rates are lower for students who drop out.

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Q: Can a high school student attend college and high school at the same time?
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