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Yes, unfortunately in all likelihood the home can be foreclosed upon by the mortgage holder. States do have exceptions for disabled persons but they do not apply to valid foreclosure proceedings. However, if it is something other than a mortgage default, a primary residence can almost always be protected from a forced sale by a judgment creditor. It would be prudent to seek advice from an attorney qualified in elder law concerning possible future litigation connected to the foreclosure.

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If a person is totally disabled how can the 7 year statute of limitations be removed from the credit report?

Being disabled does not exempt a person from FRCA laws.

Can a disabled 17 year old file for medicaid?

Yes, if s/he has little or no income/assets and is "permanently and totally disabled" as defined by SSA regulations.

What happened to a slave that was totally disabled?

Usually, if a person was disabled, they wouldn't be kept as slaves, just left to die. If a slave became disabled during enslavement, they'd be put out in the streets. Sad, I know.

Benefit checks sent to coal miners totally disabled by pneumoconiosis come how often?


Disabled child help and support?

In the US, children who are permanently and totally disabled as defined by Social Security regulations may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid.

Are disabled eligibile for Medicaid?

Persons who are "totally and permanently" disabled, as defined by Social Security regulations, and who meet the other eligibility factors such as citizenship and income, may receive Medicaid.

I was disabled but did not know it I was drafted during vietnam war I was later hospitalized and discharged with nothing I have been permanently totally disabled 16 years what can I do?

Call 1-800-827-1000.

What is the early age at which a person can receive social security?

Typically, 62, but earlier if one is "totally and permanently" disabled. And a minor dependent child of a retired/disabled wage earner can receive Social Security.

Can you apply for temporary disability benefits retroactively if you were not working at the time that the doctor documented you as totally temporarily disabled?

Obviously you could not have been working at a time when you were totally, if temporarily, disabled. There are however several questions here: since you want to apply retroactively, how long ago was this? Applications have time limits. How did you become disabled? From whom are you seeking benefits? All of these may affect the answer to your question. That said, chances are that yes, you can apply.

Children entitled to Medicare?

To receive Medicare, one must have 40 credits of work and be over 65 or permanently and totally disabled.

What are the elegibility criteria of medicare?

Forty credits of earnings, and either: over 65; permanently and totally disabled; or spouse of someone in one of these categories.

Can a child receive disabilities?

A child can receive Social SEcurity disability benefits if s/he is "permanently and totally disabled" as defined by SSA regulations.

What groups of people Are not served by Medicare?

Medicare is for persons age 65 and over, and others who are "totally and permanently disabled" as defined by Social Security regulations.

When are you eligible to collect Medicare?

In general, you become eligible for Medicare at age 65 or, in some cases, if you are "permanently and totally disabled" as defined by Social Security.

You have tourettes syndrome how do you get your student loans payments dropped?

If you're permanently and totally disabled, you can apply to have your federal loans discharged. Having a medical condition does not entitle a non-disabled person to lower payments, but you may qualify for income-sensitive payments.

Can delete your wiki answers account?

If you want to delete your Answers account - send an email to Your account will not be totally deleted - but will be disabled. Your contributions (answers, questions, warnings etc) up to the time your account is disabled will still remain in the system archives.

Can you get Medicaid with no kids?

Yes, if you are a citizen with little or no income/assets and you are at least 65, or not yet 18, or permanently and totally disabled as defined by Social Security regulations.

You have Medicare do your kids get it to?

Only if your kids are over age 65 or permanently and totally disabled as defined by SSA, and have credit for 40 quarters of earnings in Medicare-covered employment.

How can you get on ssi?

Show the Social Security Administration that you have little or no income/assets and that you are either over age 65 or "permanently and totally" disabled as defined by Social Security regulations.

How do you apply for SSI for a child?

Contact the Social Security Administration in person. The child will be eligible only if "totally and permanently disabled," so be prepared to gather all the medical records.

If you draw ssi for a disability can your child draw ssi too?

Your child would have to be "permanently and totally disabled" to qualify for SSI. However, s/he should be eligible for TANF/Medicaid.

Can you receive work comp and social security disability?

Yes, my husband had to take early social security and since they could prove he was totally disabled he got full SS benefits.

What is the role of the Medicare?

Medicare ensures persons over age 65 and persons who meet Social Security's definition of permanently and totally disabled, who also have 40 quarters of earnings credits.

What is a statement about disability insurance?

Disability insurance will replace your income loss by paying a monthly benefit in case you are too sick or hurt to be able to work at full capacity or totally disabled.

What are social security and Medicare?

Social Security provides cash payments for persons who are at least age 62 and those who are "permanently and totally disabled." Medicare provides health insurance for persons over age 65 and persons who are "permanently and totally disabled." For either program, the individual must have 40 credits of "covered employment" (i.e., calendar quarters during which they paid into the program). Both are funded by payroll taxes and administered by the Federal government.