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VERY likely, YES. Type of repo doesnt matter. Read your contract as to what states laws goven collection activities. The l2 links below will give you more info.,2125,4802,00.html

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Q: Can a lien be placed on your home if you do a voluntary repossession of a car bought in Georgia if you now live in Florida?
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If you bought a used car and want to return it and buy a cheaper one will it ruin your credit?

What makes you think you can just return it. You can't. You bought it, you own it. Now if you are talking about doing a voluntary repossession, of course it will ruin your credit for 7 years. A repossession is a repossession, voluntary or not.

What is the repossession law in California for private sellers?

If the buyer has not paid they technically have not bought the item up for repossession. Go get that SH*T

Who bought Florida from Spain?

The United States bought Florida from Spain. The Adam-Onis Treaty was signed in 1819 and Florida was bought as a part of this treaty.

Can you find your vehicle after repossession?

1st place to look would be at the car lot you bought it from.

When did the US get Florida?

The United States bought Florida in 1819.

How long do you have to get a tag on a car in Georgia?

If you bought the car from a dealer you have 30 days if you bought it from a private party you have 7 days in georgia.

Who claimed the lands south of Georgia?

Spain bought the land south of Georgia

If you bought a new car and have only had if for 2 weeks with no payments made can you return it to the dealer will it affect your credit score?

You signed a contract and drove it. It is not new anymore. Returning it would be a voluntary repossession and you would probably owe several thousand dollars. Yes, it would hurt your credit.

What were the circumstances did us get Florida from Spain?

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What was the Spaniards role in America?

We bought California and Florida from them.

Can the same financial institution transfer a lien on a house in Florida that I sold to a house that I bought in Georgia?

They have to have permission from the courts or judge to have a lien placed on the property. It won't automatically transfer to another house.

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