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Can a lien be placed on your home if you do a voluntary repossession of a car bought in Georgia if you now live in Florida?


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2015-07-14 16:09:03
2015-07-14 16:09:03

VERY likely, YES. Type of repo doesnt matter. Read your contract as to what states laws goven collection activities. The l2 links below will give you more info.,2125,4802,00.html


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What makes you think you can just return it. You can't. You bought it, you own it. Now if you are talking about doing a voluntary repossession, of course it will ruin your credit for 7 years. A repossession is a repossession, voluntary or not.

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If the buyer has not paid they technically have not bought the item up for repossession. Go get that SH*T

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The United States bought Florida from Spain. The Adam-Onis Treaty was signed in 1819 and Florida was bought as a part of this treaty.

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1st place to look would be at the car lot you bought it from.

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If you bought the car from a dealer you have 30 days if you bought it from a private party you have 7 days in georgia.

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