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Would need more info as you are dealing with a structural part of the building. Tell me what you plan to do /span/ type of wall you all ready have' There are many answers. i will be glad to help.

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Q: Can a non-load-bearing wall support a ceiling load?
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What is a ceiling partition?

A ceiling partition is a track on the ceiling that may have a metal or wooden wall fitting into it. This divides a room by the ceiling support.

What does a deep crack where the wall and ceiling meet indicate?

Something has shifted, most likely the wall. May be a foundation issue or the load on the wall from above. Every situation is different.

How do you remove interior supporting wall?

You must temporarily support the framing above on each side of the wall, then emplace an adequately sized header to support the load, and transfer that load appropriately. Contact a qualified carpenter or seek the advice of a structural engineer.

How can you tell a load bearing wall?

All exterior walls in a home are load bearing. The exterior walls on the gable end of your house do not bear much load, but the walls that the hip of the roof bear on carry your roof and ceiling joints. Interior walls are another story. Usually in a smaller one story home there is a wall that runs the midspan of the house that is load bearing for your roof and ceiling joints.

A support structure built against a wall to help reduce the pressure exerted on the wall from the weight of an arch vault ceiling?


A support structure built against a wall to help reduce the pressure exerted on the wall from the weight of an arch vault or ceiling.?


What is the purpose of floor joists?

In construction, a joist is a horizontal piece that runs from wall to wall, wall to beam or beam to beam. A joist is essentially considered to be one of the most supporting pieces towards the structural aspect. It focuses in on supporting beams and other pieces in the floor, ceiling and roof.

How can I swag a cathedral ceiling fixture to the wall the ceiling stud is too far away and the fixture is too heavy and no attic access?

You can supply the voltage to the swag from a wall box but the whole purpose of a swag fixture is to have it hang from the ceiling.You are going to have to find a way to support the fixture. If you can not get support from behind the ceiling then the support is going to have to be on the exposed surface side that you can see. You will probably have to span two ceiling joists and hang the fixture some where in between them to suit your purposes.

What happens if you move a load bearing wall?

the load above it may be too heavy to support and the structure could collapse.

Why is there a double top plate on a wall?

The double plate gives added support to a load resting upon it, particularly if a vertical framing member is not directly below it. It also provides additional space for attaching wallboard after the ceiling drywall is installed.

What is a non load bearing wall?

A wall that divides an interior space but is not needed to support any part of the structure above it.

How do you remove a load bearing wall?

Support the load whatever it is, roof, second floor, generally by putting a temporary beam under the joist inside of the existing wall, tear the wall out and put in a beam to carry the load. How big the beam needs to be depends on what the load is and how long the span is. Support the beam on each end and remove the temporary beam. These are the general steps, each project is going to be slightly different and has to be figured on it's own.