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Remove radio/audio system. unplug the antenna connector in back of the radio. leave it disconnected.

install new antenna in the location of your choice. Run wiring through the vehicle to the audio system and reinstall radio.

2015-07-14 16:09:31
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How do you replace the antenna on the 1992 Toyota Paseo?

1. Remove radio 2. Unplug antenna cord (usually on the left of the radio as you are facing the radio) from the back of the radio. 3. Thread antenna cord by gradually pulling it through to where a hole is located down and in front of the driver's side car door(this is where the antenna cord comes down from windshield/window column). 4. Tie about four feet of a strong line or string to the end of the antenna cord plug (this will help when threading in the new antenna cord). 5. Unscrew the two screws holding the antenna assembly near the roof on the windshield/window column. 6. Carefully pull the antenna assembly up from the windshield/window column at the same angle as the column. Do this until the end of the antenna cord, with the string attached to the plug, is visible. 7. Untie the string or cord from the old plug and tie it on to the plug of the new antenna cord. 8. Carefully pull the attached string or cord from the hole located down and in front of the driver's side car door. At the same time make sure the cord is being fed through the hole where the antenna assembly fits. Keep pulling on the new cord until its plug appears at the hole located down and in front of the driver's side car door. Pull the new cord out through the hole eliminating all of the slack in the new cord. 9. Repeat steps 1 through 5, but in reverse order. Added: Excellent advice was given above. I was able to replace the antenna on my '92 Paseo. One word of advice: You may have trouble pulling up the antenna assembly up from the windshield/window column. This is because there are two clips located underneath the steering wheel assembly that are holding the antenna cable in place. I found this by accident when I was following the antenna cable starting from the end ( that plugs into radio) along underneath the steering column.

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