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� 31.0025. AUTHORITY OF COURT TO ORDER TURNOVER OF WAGES. (a) Notwithstanding any other law, a court may not, at any time before a judgment debtor is paid wages for personal services performed by the debtor, enter or enforce an order that requires the debtor or any other person to turn over the wages for the satisfaction of the judgment. (b) This section applies to wages in any form, including paycheck, cash, or property. (c) This section does not apply to the enforcement of a child support obligation or a judgment for past due child support.

Added by Acts 1991, 72nd Leg., ch. 671, � 1, eff. Aug. 26, 1991. NO, BUT read on... � 31.002. COLLECTION OF JUDGMENT THROUGH COURT PROCEEDING. (a) A judgment creditor is entitled to aid from a court of appropriate jurisdiction through injunction or other means in order to reach property to obtain satisfaction on the judgment if the judgment debtor owns property, including present or future rights to property, that: (1) cannot readily be attached or levied on by ordinary legal process; and (2) is not exempt from attachment, execution, or seizure for the satisfaction of liabilities. (b) The court may: (1) order the judgment debtor to turn over nonexempt property that is in the debtor's possession or is subject to the debtor's control, together with all documents or records related to the property, to a designated sheriff or constable for execution; (2) otherwise apply the property to the satisfaction of the judgment; or (3) appoint a receiver with the authority to take possession of the nonexempt property, sell it, and pay the proceeds to the judgment creditor to the extent required to satisfy the judgment. (c) The court may enforce the order by contempt proceedings or by other appropriate means in the event of refusal or disobedience. (d) The judgment creditor may move for the court's assistance under this section in the same proceeding in which the judgment is rendered or in an independent proceeding. (e) The judgment creditor is entitled to recover reasonable costs, including attorney's fees. (f) A court may not enter or enforce an order under this section that requires the turnover of the proceeds of, or the disbursement of, property exempt under any statute, including Section 42.0021, Property Code. This subsection does not apply to the enforcement of a child support obligation or a judgment for past due child support. (g) With respect to turnover of property held by a financial institution in the name of or on behalf of the judgment debtor as customer of the financial institution, the rights of a receiver appointed under Subsection (b)(3) do not attach until the financial institution receives service of a certified copy of the order of receivership in the manner specified by Section 59.008, Finance Code. CHAPTER 31. JUDGMENTS SECTION 31.001. PASSAGE OF TITLE SECTION 31.002. COLLECTION OF JUDGMENT THROUGH COURT PROCEEDING SECTION 31.0025. AUTHORITY OF COURT TO ORDER TURNOVER OF WAGES SECTION 31.003. JUDGMENT AGAINST PARTNERSHIP SECTION 31.004. EFFECT OF ADJUDICATION IN LOWER TRIAL COURT SECTION 31.005. EFFECT OF ADJUDICATION IN SMALL CLAIMS OR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE COURT SECTION 31.006. REVIVAL OF JUDGMENT SECTION 31.007. PARTIES RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCOUNTING OF OWN COSTS SECTION 31.008. PAYMENT OF UNCLAIMED JUDGMENT SECTION 31.010. TURNOVER BY FINANCIAL INSTITUTION

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Q: Can a out-of-state Missouri credit union place a wage garnishment for the unpaid balance of a repo in the state of Texas?
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How do you find garnishment balance?

You can find your garnishment balance by contacting the court who issued the garnishment or the creditor who put the garnishment on your wages. You could also pull a credit report to see your current balance.

Will a wage garnishment show up on your credit report?

The garnishment wount. But what led upto the garnishment may.

What is the law on garnishment in Connecticut?

What is Connecticuts law of garnishment on businuss lines of credit?

What are Missouri laws on wage garnishment for credit card debt?

This information is available at It reads as follows: WAGE GARNISHMENT EXEMPTIONS: 90% of weekly net earnings if head of household; if single without dependents, 75%

Can a credit card company garnish your wages in the state of Michigan for an unpaid balance?

Yes. The garnishment law for Michigan is not to exceed 25% of the person's disposable income.

Does a wage garnishment damage your credit rating?


Can a credit card company garnish wages in state of Texas for a balance less than 5000?

No. Texas does not allow creditor wage garnishment, regardless of the amount owed.

Is a credit balance an unpaid balance owed?

a "credit balance" is money that you have.

Does Louisiana allow wage garnishment from credit card companies?


Does Minnesota allow wage garnishment for credit card debt?


Does Virginia allow wage garnishment for credit card debt?

Yes, a judgment creditor can execute the judgment as a wage garnishment.

What is the income tax credit for a child?

a credit agency garnished my income tax,is the the child tax credit exempt from the garnishment?

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