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Yes, but the more loans they are on the more risk they are taking on and there by, lowering their own borrowing ability.

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Q: Can a person co-sign for more than one car loan?
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Can a minor cosign a loan with someone other than his or her legal guardian?

If you are a minor, you cannot LEGALLY cosign or sign any loan/contractual agreement.

Can a co signer sue the person who defaulted on the loan for the amount of the loan in question since the car was reposessed and that person is working and more than capable of making the payments?

Not likely. If you cosign then you are saying "I trust my credit in this person's hands." If the signer does not pay then it is the responsibility of the cosigner to take care of the payments.

Can a bankrupt person cosign a loan I have a good credit score but not enough income. My father makes over 100k a year but got over his head with credit cards. Is he still able to cosign my loan?

Anyone the lender accepts can be a cosigner...that is entirely the lenders choice. However, they naturally want someone more qualified, having a higher credit score, than the primary. Your father likely does not.

Can you cosign on more than one car?

Probably not. Unless you have exceptional credit.

Can a cosigner cosign on more than one student loan?

You can co-sign on as many transactions as you feel like..Remember..Every time you co-sign on a loan, it will appear on your credit report..AND..If the person you co-signed for does not pay, you are responsible..Under normal circumstances, creditors asking for a co-signer know that the odds are close to 75% that you will end up making some of the payments.

Is it good to cosign for my son a car?

Whether or not it's the thing to do depends on how reliable your son is, and you should know that better than anyone else on this site. You certainly have more to lose than you do to gain, as, if you do it and the loan goes into default, it'll affect your credit rating negatively, as well as his.

Can you include closing costs in a home loan?

A person can include closing costs in a home loan. To include closing costs in a home loan certain criteria have to be met, such as the owner has to be willing to finance more than the value of the loan.

can the underwriter stipulate who can be on the title when there are two people on the loan?

From what I have read, no, a underwriter cannot stipulate who goes on the title if the loan is in more than one person's name. Normally, both names that are on a loan have to go on the title of the purchase from the loan.

Can a person co sign more than one loan?

Yes if you have available credit, but it also takes away from your available credit and you are responsible for the loan. I would advise against it.

Can a blind person get a special designated driver in order to get car loan approval?

a blind person with good credit has a more chance than a person who can see with bad credit maybe it's the credit of the person

An unsubsidized loan is always more expensive than a subsidized loan of the same amount?


Example of joint and solidary obligation?

An example of a joint obligation is a loan agreement with more than one party on it. An example of a solidary obligation is when there is more than one debtor and more than one creditor on a loan. Any one of the debtors may be obligated to pay the entire loan and any one creditor may collect on the entire loan.

Can you apply for more than one loan?


An unsubsidized loan is always more expensive than a subsidized loan?

YES! Because interest accrues on an unsubsidized loan during periods when it doesn't accrue on a subsidized loan, the total cost of an unsubsidized loan is always greater than that for a subsidized loan of the same amount.

What is an equity release loan?

An equity release loan is a means of borrowing money which will allow a person to release equity that has been storing up in their home, meaning that if a person buys a mortgage and the house earns/becomes worth more than what is said in the mortgage, the loan shall release this amount thus deducting from the mortgage.

What is a same day payday loan?

A same day pay day loan is a loan that you pay back on your next pay day. Its usually not more than what you would make on the next payday either. 'Same day' means that the person can get the loan approved and cash at hand on the same day they apply.

Can you borrow more than one payday loan in Florida?


Would I be responsible for a repoed auto loan if I was forced to co-sign for spouse. Loan officer said it really wasn't a cosign but I had to sign papers. Please help. I now have a judgment for this?

read over the paper work carefully. If the contract calls you a co-signer even though the loan officer said your not to make you feel better than yes you and your credit are responsable.

How does your payment change between a 30 and 40 year mortgage?

A payment on a 40 year loan, if it is a fixed-rate loan, will be smaller, provided all other factors like loan balance and interest rate are the same. If you are talking about an adjustable rate loan, well, your payment will vary on your interest rate more than how long the loan term is. A 40 year loan will pay-down your loan slower, meaning at 10 years, you'll owe more on a 40 year loan than a 30 year loan. You may also pay more towards interest on a 40 year loan.

How much paperwork is involved in applying for a small business loan?

Not any more than is involved in applying for a regular loan.

Can a person live more than a century?

a person can live more than a century

What happens to the co-signer in the case of a repo and the co-signer has no money?

If you have no money, then why in the world would you cosign for a loan? If they cannot get the money owed out of the primary lender then will look at you for money. They will more than likely sue you for the balance. If you don't pay your credit will be ruined. Sounds like you cosigned for a loser and now you will pay for that mistake.

Will you pay more interest on an unsecured personal loan than a secured one?

The amount of interest you pay depends on the institution that you borrow from. You will usually pay more on an unsecured personal loan than a secured one.

What is the benefit of a jumbo mortgage rate?

A jumbo mortage loan is one that covers more than the loan limit that is convention. There is not very many advantages to getting a jumbo loan because the rates are much higher, it only allows you to take more money out than otherwise.

Can it be considered fraud if you cosign for a loan and are lied to about the amount and later find out the amount is for more than you agreed to?

that happened to me and my attorney told me i should have read all the contracts better before i agreed * No, if the consumer signs documents without reading such or those which are not completely filled in, the law presumes the person did not take "reasonable care and concern" in the matter. The exceptions would be if a document was changed after the signing without the signer(s) being made aware of and agreeing to the action, and obviously if the person's signature was forged.