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YES, IF your paperwork is in order, you can agree on a price and the unit is accessable. for Texas repo agents Please dont waste yours and the agents time with an EX-this, I want my car back thing.

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Q: Can a repossession agent repossess a vehicle for an individual and if so how can you locate one in Texas?
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What recourse does a used car dealership have if they need to repossess a vehicle in Texas for non payment but cannot locate it?

A dealership willnot need to repossess a vehicle in any state unless it is a buy here pay here type dealership. If this is the case, the dealer should contact a local, private repossession company. Find one of the larger possible companies, this will offer more resources. Then leave it to them. It could take some time, but if you give them all the information you have on the debtor, they will find and secure your car.

Can a repo man shine a flashlight in your house?

A Repossession Agent, if he's operating under the law, CAN go on your property to locate and repossess the item he is legally entitled to. The law does no address such acts as shining a flashlight in your window.

Why won't they repossess the car?

There are a number of reasons they may not repossess the car: 1. The vehicle is totalled or damage beyond the value of the loan or repossession charges. 2. They cannot locate the vehicle because... a. It is not in a towable position. b. It is blocked in. c. It is secured in a garage or structure. d. It is an all wheel drive vehicle and they do not have a rollback (flat bed tow truck) or do not know how to disengage the linkage. e. They cannot enter the vehicle to disengage the shifter due to a high end security system. f. The car is located in a gated-guarded community and they cannot gain access. 3. They cannot identify the vehicle because... a. They do not know the color. b. They do not have the tag #. c. They cannot read the VIN because it is obscured or covered. 4. They do not have a repossession agency contract in the area where the vehicle is located. 5. They require you to voluntarily surrender the unit by... a. ...bringing it to a dealership... b. ...bringing it to an approved third party... ...and you refuse.

How do you find the date the car was repoed?

By calling the original loan facility that was associated with the vehicle is one way to locate the repossession date. You can request that the original document of repossession be sent to you by way of fax or US mail (if you feel there is discrepancy). *Note* The time of default does not deem the time of repossession. Be sure to ask specifically for the actual repossession date and unfortunately you may have to clarify that you are not seeking the default date.

Can the borrower be arrested if the repossession agency cannot locate the vehicle?

If there is suspicion that you are hiding th vehicle and effectively are guilty of theft, yes. Remember that once the lending institution gets a judgement, the vehicle is theirs and you no longer have any right to it. * If the lender obtains a replevin or other court order the judge might allow them to apply for a warrant but it would be rare. Vehicle repossession is a civil matter not a criminal one and the courts are very reluctant to overlap the two issues.

If you are looking for a administration job with a repossession company how can you locate a repossessor?

maybe search on "repossessors + (your state) + jobs) ????

Can repossession companys gather private information?

Yes, a repossession company can gather what ever information is necessary to recover a vehicle or to secure the loan for the lender. This can include and is not limited to your place of employment; locations you may frequent, your residential address; the addresses and phone numbers of any references you listed on the loan application; the phone numbers and names of your neighbors in any attempt to contact you or locate the vehicle; the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your family members in an attempt to contact you or locate the vehicle; and, any other information that progresses the recovery of the property. Additionally, they have the resources to discover your private cell phone numbers and numbers of unpublished landline phones.

How can you locate your vehicle report?

Locate as much information on your vehicle and then you can contact the dealership, department of motor vehicles, contact the car company, or look through the manual.

How do you locate a vehicle by the VIN?

if you pay a fee for carfax

Can A Finance company use lojack to locate your car?

Yes, a finance company may use lojack to locate and recover your car. They may also use repossession experts to pick it up as well.

How do you locate an illegal hidden GPS tracker on a vehicle?

There is no simple way. You need to inspect the entire vehicle.

In AZ state what is the law regarding repossession of a vehicle and what you would owe after they sold the vehicle?

Arizona repossession laws are quite simple. Once the vehicle is put out for repossession, the repossession agent will attempt to locate it. Once the unit is found, he will secure it on his truck. He may, if he is kind, contact the borrower and offer to let him retrieve his personal property in exchange for the keys. He is not required to do so. He may not move other vehicles to unblock a vehicle. He may not open a closed structure to secure the vehicle. He may not knock on your door after 9:00 pm or before 8:00 am. He may contact you at work 24/7 though. He may not enter reservation land to secure the unit UNLESS he has specific permission from the tribe to do so. He may not secure the unit from federal land UNLESS he has the proper licensure to do so. Finally, after the vehicle is sold at auction, the purchase price will be applied to the outstanding balance of the loan. This in most cases will not pay the balance, therefore you will need to pay the unpaid portion, plus fees and repossession costs. If you fail to do so, the lender will likely seek judgment against you and then for the next ten years afterward you will have little choice in how the outstanding balance plus court cost, legal fees, and collection cost is recovered.

What happens when you hide a car from the repo man?

It will be reported stolen. Remember, the car does not belong to you - it belongs to the lienholder, and the repossession agents are coming to claim the lienholder's property back. You no longer have any legal right to it. In most instances the repo agent will make a few attempts to locate the vehicle. If that does not happen the lender will go to court to obtain a replevin order. Once the order has been issued the buyer/debtor must relinquish the vehicle or face criminal charges. The vehicle cannot be reported stolen by the repossession agent or the lender unless they have evidence that such a crime was actually committed. For them to do so due the location of the vehicle was unknown would constitute filing a false police report.

How do you locate the air temperature sensor on your vehicle?

check your fire wall

How long will a company try to locate a car designated for repossession?

I have picked up a couple that were on the books for 3 years. It really depends on the LENDER. They are the BOSS.

Your jeep is in repossision but your ex wife has the jeep and the can not find it can you be arrested it is in your name?

I'm assuming you are saying the Lien Holder cannot locate the vehicle? In many states the vehicle is not repossessed until the Lien Holder or their agent is in possession of the vehicle. Therefore normally you could not be arrested because they cannot locate the vehicle.

How do you locate a vehicle registered in your name and drivers?

Use lojack next time.

Where is Air relief plug locate of 1999 mercury villager?

There is no such thing on this vehicle.

What benefits come along with GPS vehicle tracking?

The benefits of having a GPS vehicle tracking system vary widely. Some instances include if a vehicle is stolen or lost, it will be easy to locate where the vehicle has been taken or where it can be found. Also if one gets into a car accident, the local police and emergency teams will be able to locate the vehicle with the GPS tracking system.

What other legal options has a car lender if they are unable to locate it to repossess it?

Lawsuit. They will get their money one way or the other. If they can't find the car they may have you arrested for a stolen car.

What happens when you cannot locate a vehicle that is to be repossessed?

If there is evidence of fraud, the person hiding the vehicle can be prosecuted and possibly even put in prison.

Can a car's navigation system signal be used by the repo man to locate that vehicle?


Can the Sheriff arrest you for simply not being able to locate your vehicle?

At some point(usualy after a writ of replevin is filed) in the repossession process, a sheriff will tell you to either produce the car or go to jail. Then you will have to make a choice, car or jail. You just cant ride for free. As for "simply not being able to locate your vehicle?": think about it, IF you didint know where the car was, you would be on your way to report it STOLEN. I know where MY car is at ALL times, I think 99% of everyone else does also. IF I were to loan it to someone, I would have a very good idea of where it was then also.

Where can one purchase a used Mitsubishi Outlander?

An individual would be able to purchase a used Mitsubishi Outlander from several sources. One could use a local paper to locate an Outlander for sale or find a local dealership that is selling this vehicle.

How do you locate the ac port to charge your Plymouth voyager?

It is the larger of the two, closest to the front of the vehicle the smaller one is closer to the firewall or interior of the vehicle