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I assume you mean the salt water unit is rated up to 40,000 gallons.

The salt water unit rating is based on some assumption of the number of hours the unit (and pool pump) is turned on. You might need to run your pool pump for a longer period of time than the rating to get the proper amount of chlorine. This will cost you more in electricity, however. Check the assumption for pump hours for the 40,000 gallon number.

You probably won't be able to use the inline chlorine generator for shocking the pool (some generators have a built-in shock function) since it may not build up chlorine fast enough for that purpose.

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Q: Can a salt water unit rated up to 40K work on a 43K gallon pool?
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How much salt is required for a 28000 gallon salt water pool?

about 28000 cups

How much salt is required for a 45000-gallon salt water pool?

1020 lbs

how many pounds of salt do you add to a 12000 gallon swimming pool?

Creating a salt water pool is a great way to reduce the need for chlorine treatments. For a 12,000 gallon swimming pool, one would need to add about 300 pounds of salt.

How much salt is required for a 35000-gallon salt water pool?

15 40 pound bags

What weighs more a gallon of salt water or a gallon of fresh water?

A gallon of salt water.

What is the proper ratio of salt per gallon of water?

Most chlorine generators require a salt content in the water of a pool 2500 to 6000 ppm

How much salt do you need in 2100 gallon pool?

For a non-INTEX pool you need 50 lbs. of salt for 2,000 gallons. or water capacity in gallons X 0.025.

How do you convert a fresh water pool to a salt water pool?

Add salt

Do you add salt to the pool water?

There is two types of pools: Chlorinated pools and salt water pools. If you have a salt water pool then yes, you would add salt to the pool.

Can you use salt and chlorine in your pool?

Yes as a mater of fact that is what salt water pool normally is. With a salt water pool there is a electronic salt water chlorinator installed that uses the salt in the water to create chlorine. However if you don't have a salt water chlorinator and prefer the feeling of a salt water pool then there is no reason not to add salt to the pool as well as keeping up the chlorine yourself.

Are Salt water pool filter different from fresh water pool filters.?

Salt water pool filters are the same as fresh water pool filters.

How do you start a salt water pool?

To start a salt water pool you will need a salt generator/salt cell which has a unit that is plumbed into your swimming pool system, and a power source for the cell. You would then follow the manufacturer's directions to add salt to your pool until the residual salt level was at typically 2700-3400ppm in your pool. For a typical 25,000 gallon pool this would most likely be between 14-18 40lb bags of salt. You do not need to remove the chlorine from your pool, as your new system will also be generating chlorine. (which was one answer that I saw on a discussion board). Also, salt water is much more saline than a salt water pool, so you would not use salt water from the ocean to start your system. Just in case you were wondering.

Could swallowing salt water from a swimming pool cause vomiting?

it depends how much you if you drank a gallon of salt water, yes you would puke your guts out

Does a salt water pool contain bleach?

No, a salt water pool does not contain bleach.

What kind of swimming pool tastes salty?

A Salt water swimming pool, like the iceberg in Sydney. hmmm.... A Salt Water Beach! or a pool in wich someone wurinated in! A: Your answer is old pool water. You will not taste the salt in a salt water system pool! k

Do you ad salt to a salt water pool?

No. salt water is salt water. it already has salt in it

What kind of salt do you put in a salt water pool?

Swimming pool salt not rock salt, sea salt, water softener salt. k

24000 gallon pool how much salt to add for start up salt water pool?

For 3000 ppm add 601 pounds (assuming no salt existing) For 4000 ppm add 801 pounds

Can you convert a painted pool into a salt water pool?

Simply put any pool can be a salt water pool, even an above ground pool.

How much salt is required for a 5500-gallon salt water pool?

My first question is - do you have a salt generating system on that size pool? If not you can not just put salt into a pool and think it is a pool with salt that in it that is forming or making chlorine . k Our salt generating system came in today--my calculations were 137 pounds of salt, but the box says 135 pounds of salt. I will be adding what the directions say. Thanks!

Why a salt water pool?

Most people believe having a salt water pool is like swimming in the ocean. Nottrue. Salt water pools use the salt to make chlorine. With a salt water pool you will still be using chlorine a toxic chemical to sanitize your pool.

Will switching from chlorine chemical system to a salt water system ruin pool?

No A salt water pool is in fact also chlorine pool, the difference being that with a salt water pool a salt water chlorinator converts the salt that is in the water into chlorine gas which is then dissolved into the water while the filter is running. the conversion wont have any adverse effects on the pool.

What is the difference in weight between a gallon of salt water and a gallon of fresh water?

salt water has more mass because of the added salt so salt is heavier :)

How many ppm of chlorine is in a salt water pool?

Do you mean to say that you have a fresh water pool with a Chlorine Generator which uses salt? Or do you in fact have a salt water pool? bob...

Can you make your own saltwater by just adding salt into your pool and if so how much salt and what type of salt should you use?

No you will not have a salt water pool. yes you will have salt water but the actual electronic plates found in a genrator converts the salt in the water to chlorine to sanitize the pool water. A: You have to have the mechanical device to produce the chlorine in a salt pool. THE SALT A MEANS TO PRODUCE CHLORINE FOR YOUR POOL!