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No. Your water pump is leaking because its shot. If you grand am has a 4cyl in it you need to put new thermostat in when you replace the water pump. Also you need to flush the cooling system. That brings us to this reason. The GM 4 cyl will not take to over heating, because if you overheat them I will tell you right now the head gasket will be gone and you will spend some bucks to get it fixed if you don't ruin the engine first.

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Q: Can a stuck thermometer make a water pump leak?
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Who was the first person to make the thermometer in 1593?

Galileo Galilei made a water thermometer in 1593.

Why don't you make thermometers with water?

You can make a thermometer with water, and in fact Galileo invented a rudimentary water thermometer in 1593. However, using other materials such as alcohol or mercury allows you to measure a greater variation in temperature.

Why should you not put water on a chlorine leak?

A mixture of water and chlorine will increase the rate of corrosion of the container and make the leak larger

How do you calibrate a thermometer?

You first put ice into a cup then add cold water, then stir. You then wait until it is 0 degrees ( which will take about 5 minutes ) then you put the thermometer in and make sure it is 0 degrees celsius. Then boil water and put a thermometer in and make sure it's 100 degrees celsius.

Can you use a meat thermometer to test the temperature of water?

Yes, easily; a meat thermometer is well inside the range of boiling water. Just make sure you immerse only the probe tip.

What tool or tools would you use to make the temperature of the water in a swimming pool?

a thermometer

Why does the freezing point of water make it a poor choice for the liquid in a thermometer?

Water freezes at a fairly high temperature - 0oC/32oF. As soon as the temperature reached that point the water would freeze and the thermometer would no longer work. One would not be able to use a thermometer with water in it to measure any temperatures below 0oC/32oF.

When did Galileo make the thermometer?

Galileo made the thermometer in 1593.

Can a blown intake gasket make water leak in water?

Not unless you have a water cooled intake manifold, which is very rare on a car.

How could you calibrate a thermometer which had no scale marked?

Put it in a pot of water. Boil the water. Then mark the spot on the thermometer at which the water boils - the spot you marked will be 100 degrees celsius. Then put it in water in the freezer and mark it. The point at which the water freezes will be 0 degrees celsius. Then measure the length between 0 and 100 and make 9 equal marks for each 10 degrees and your thermometer is calibrated.

When you put water in the radiator why does it keep running out?

There could be a leak, maybe a small leak, and only when it overheats. Also, check the oil and make sure there is no water in the oil. It will probably look weirdly milky on the dipstick if there is water in the oil.

How do you increase the range of a thermometer?

If you're the one designing the thermometer, you could make it longer or make the bore wider. If you've got an existing thermometer, there's not much you can do.

How did Galileo Galilei make the thermometer?

Galileo made the thermometer by improving his thermoscope

How hot is the soup?

use a thermometer to see, unless you mean theoretical soup in which case use theoreticalmometer. make sure not to break it as reality will leak in and the soup will not taste good any more

Why does water's freezing point make water a poor choice for the liquid in a thermometer?

The water would regularly freeze in the winter in many parts of the world.

Will a bad water pump make a vehicle run bad?

No. A bad water pump can make a rumble noise and leak coolant which may lead to the engine overheating.

How can you make your bladder leak?

drink alot, hear water, or do it like my sister in the morning when my bladder is bursting she push on it and make me easy leak and i have a strong boy bladder so it would work for most bladders out there.

What could cause a constant loud whooshing sound in the water pipes like rushing water even when faucets are closed and there is no water leak anywhere?

You may have a leak you dont know about. Check with the Water Utility - somtimes they will come out for free. Yep, they will. If you hear water and nothing is turned on, you have a leak. Shut off your water from inside your house (shut-off is located where your water line enters the house). If the whooshing goes away, the leak is inside your house somewhere. If it still makes the sound, the Water Utility will shut off the curb stop. If the whooshing stops, then the leak is between the curb stop and your main shut off (ie. there's a leak in your main service line coming into your house). In general, it will be your responsibility to make this repair as it is on your side of the curbstop. If the sound persists, it is coming from the public water main and Water /utility Crews will locate with a stethoscope and make the repair at no cost to you.

Repair leak with water in pool?

they make a under water repair kit for vinyl pools,you can buy a local pool supply house

Why the doctor dips the thermometer in a liquid before use?

to make the bateria out from the thermometer so that it does not pass to anybody

How do you make an improvised thermometer?

You might use a glass tube with water. That will work for temperatures above about 5 or 10 degrees centigrade.

How can you tell if the thermostat is bad on a Chevy Trailblazer?

To test a thermostat remove it while the motor is cold and make sure it is not stuck open. If it is stuck open when cold it is faulty. If it it is closed put it in water on a stove with a thermometer and heat the water. It should open at the temperature it is rated for wich is usually stamped on the thermostat. If it does not open when heated it is faulty. Thermostats are cheap and do need to be replaced occassionally; if I decide to remove a thermostat i generally replace it with a new one for piece of mind.

How does a water bottles make you get cancer?

Because there are really bad chemicals in plastic. Don't freeze water bottles or leave them out in the sun because the chemicals leak into the water that you consume.

How do you make a sentence with stuck?

The lock was stuck. Stuck in the snow, I called a tow truck.

How do you fix a water leak under intake on 1995 Nissan quest gxe?

replace leaking part and or the gasket where the leak is occuring. check all hoses to make shure its not leaking from the hose