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I would doubt its ever been done. It may be possible but it would cost a lot of money.

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Q: Can a twin screw supercharger be installed on a 04 lancer es?
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Can you put a supercharger and twin turbos on a 2008 Z06 Corvette?

Yes, you can put a supercharger and twin turbos on a 2008 ZO6 Corvette..

What is the effective RPM range of a Whipple W510AX twin-screw supercharger?

That model has a max continuous RPM of 11,000, and a max RPM of 12,000

What gives more performance a twin turbo or a supercharger?

Twin Turbo.

What Engine does a Ford gt have?

Ford GT has a mid-engine 5.4L v8 DOHC with a twin-screw supercharger. pretty sweet. Basically an GT500 motor on steroids.

How much does a supercharger cost?

50m 1090$,70m 1809$,and twin cost supercharger cost 2490$

What is the fastest speed for a mustang?

well a supersnake stock c/m will reach up to 210mph but the a twin screw supercharger will go up to 239 mph and there is still missing

What does a supercharger replace?

Most of the time a supercharger is not replacing anything. You are just adding on extra parts, like a fuel pump, larger fuel injectors, brackets, etc. However with roots or twin screw type superchargers you actually are replacing the whole top of the manifold, since the supercharger bolts on top of their own manifold.

Which is better supercharger or twin turbo?

I would say that for more power and efficiency, you should go with the twin turbo.

How fast can a mustang 2001 go with twin turbos twin superchargers and airintakes?

You wouldn't twin turbo AND twin supercharger... mustangs a: lack the space and B. it would be a waste of money. A twin turbo mustang 4.6L (im asumming) on a mild setup Twin turboed with traction- mid 11's/high 10's. The only twin supercharger setup I've seen is a dual whipple, but that was only used on large big blocks. A supercharger would run around the same #s with the same boost(fuel/intercooler dependant).

What style supercharger is on a 2004 gran prix gpt?

This is a roots-style or twin screw supercharger. It has two impellers that have interlocking fins on them that force the air along the length of the charger case. This in turn increases the pressure in the air upping it two (in the case of the GTP) to about 6-15 psi depending on who you talk to. (Some people like to talk up their cars.)

Can you have a supercharger and twin turbos in the same time?

yes but if i were u i would not do it at the same time because more than likely it will blow but yes u can have twins and a supercharger in the same car

What would be easier put a turbo on a 90 300zx na or a supercharger?

fit a twin turbo engine

What does TSMV stand for?

Twin screw motor vessel.

How do can you know when the supercharger has gone out?

Excessive bearing noise or loss of boost PSI will signify wear of the lobes/twin screw depending on the type of charger. Either way, a boost guage and good ears will tell you what's going on with that magic little super box

What simple machine is the inclined plane's twin brother?

the screw

What simple machine is the incline plane's twin brother?

the screw

Which way do the props turn on a twin screw?

in twin crew system probeller blade of port and stb is same or no?

What does TSMV stand for in cruise ship?

twin screw motor ship

Could you Put a supercharger and twin turbos on your 2008 Nissan Titan?

Sure, but the complexity and cost would be a waste, of time and money.

2001 Z24 2.4L twin cam on rebuilt motor with 1000k you were wonder if the stock motor would handle a turbo running at around 5-6psi?

The stock Twin cam 2.4 can handle this kind of boost, GM actually made a supercharger (i have it in a sunfire 2.4), when installed by a GM dealer, the car kept his warranty on the engine and it boost 5 psi, can be modified to run like 7-8psi maybe 9psi but you have to cool the supercharger with alcool injection kit and I'm not sure if the internal part of your stock engine will handle it

Does a twin screw consist of one axle?

That would be two driven axles.

Can you add a supercharger to a Lincoln town car?

Yes you can. Its a simple modification. If you go on you tube there are not many supercharged Lincoln town car videos but there are tons of crown Victoria and marauder video's. The crown Victoria and the town car are practically the same thing. 4.6 LTR. v8 12 valve. I personally have a 2001 town car with a twin screw supercharger. She runs like a top. I simply went to pepboys paid cash and had then install and dyno it.

Can you have a twin turbo and a supercharger in a car?

Volkswagon offered a Golf GT in Europe that was known as a twincharger. It featured a centrifugal supercharger designed for low-end torque and a turbocharger. The supercharger provided extra torque for low RPM performance and the turbo activated at higher RPMs. It was supposedly capable of running 130+ MPH while still maintaining 39 MPG.

Can you mount both a turbo and a supercharger?

Yes, There's even some with a supercharger and twin turbos. A "supercharger" is anything the increases the airflow into an engine above atmospheric, there for a turbo and a blower are both types of "superchargers". There are many applications of both turbo's and Blowers on the same engine and any combination of multiple of both, I.e. @ turbo chargers and 2 blowers or a blower and quad turbo's etc etc.

Is a twin turbo better than a supercharger?

Twin turbos- more power more flexability easier to upgrade, change boost levels can get controllers to control boost by gear to maximize et/traction but.. more complex to install, more expensive.