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Can a vehicle with a lien on it be impounded and sold?

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yup but you still owe the cash

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Will an impounded vehicle be turned to the lien holder?

Not unless the lien holder goes and retrieves it from impound themselves. The reimbursement of government fees (federal, state, or municipal) outweighs the priorities of the lienholder. When a vehicle goes into impound, the agency which impounded the vehicle puts their own lien on it, and that lien takes priority over the original lien. If the vehicle is not retrieved from impound, it will be auctioned off, and the lien holder basically gets shafted in the process. The person who took the lien out on the vehicle will owe the remaining balance still, and one of the money the agency auctioning the vehicle makes will go towards reducing the amount owed to the lien holder. To that end, you're better to let the lien holder repossess the vehicle and auction it, rather than have it impounded.

Can you go to jail if you sell a car with a lien on it?

In most states a vehicle can be sold if it has a lien on it. However, if the vehicle is sold and the lien is not paid, it is a criminal offense. It is actually theft.

How much can a vehicle be sold for once a lien has been secured?

If you have a lien on your vehicle, you can sell it for any amount. The vehicle is still subject to the lien which means that the purchaser can lose the vehicle if the lien holder collects on it.

What is a Lien Fee for on Impounded Car?

what is a lien fee when your car is inpound

How can you lien holder reposses car if car was impounded due to buyer lost drivers license?

As the lien holder of the vehicle, they are contacted by the proper authorities that their asset (the said vehicle) is at an impound lot accuring fees. Because the lien holder is in essence the true owner of the vehicle until the loan is paid off & the lien is released, they have the right to reposses the vehicle from the impound. This is in the best interest of the lien holder because if fees add up, it may not be worth picking up in the end. What many debtors do not realize is that if they do not redeem the vehicle from the lien holder once it is picked up from impound, the vehicle is sold at auction to the higgest bidder & that is in turn applied towards the debtors deficiency balance.

How do you sell a car that has a child support lien on it?

You must pay off the lien. A vehicle with a lien on it cannot be vended (sold) legally. There is no way to transfer a title as the motor vehicle folks will know that a hold (the lien) has been placed on it.

Can you put a second lien on a vehicle in Indiana?

If I sold a vehicle and the bank did not give me the whole amount owed towards the vehicle or the person buying the vehicle did not pay the remainder of the money can I put a second lien on the vehicle I live in Indiana

Does this vehicle have a Lien on it?

Does this vehicle have a Lien on it?

Can a repair shop place a lien on a vehicle they do not hold in their possession?

Yes, The vehicle will then be encumbered by the lien and cannot be sold, traded or the title transferred. Once the lien/debt is paid the lien is lifted and the owner of the vehicle can obtain a clear title. Action by a garage/repair company is where the term Mechanic's Lien first originated.

Can a vehicle be impounded or forfeited for a dui?

Not only can it, it almost certainly will be (impounded, at least).

What does this property in a LIEN SOLD status mean?

There is a lien or was a lien on the property and the lien was sold to a 3rd party such as an attorney

How do you receive a vehicle title that still has a lien?

You can't. If a vehicle has a lien on it the lien holder is the owner of record of the vehicle.

Can a Thirity Thousand dollar MotorHome be sold for just the impound fees of Three Thousand Dollars?

Yes, it can be. Even if a lien already exists on that vehicle, the priorities of the state or local government which impounded the vehicles takes precedence over those of any private lienholder (such as a bank).

How can you ensure a valid sale of a vehicle if you cannot pay off the existing lien?

A vehicle cannot be sold without a clear title. A clear title can only be obtained when all lien holders have been paid or have agreed to sign off on the lien.

how to tell if there is a lien on vehicle ?

free vehicle lien check ?

Does a finance co have the right to repo your vehicle if impounded by police?

Absolutely. Here's the thing of it - as long as they hold a lien on it, it is not YOUR vehicle - the finance company is the sole legitimate owner of it until you pay off that lien. When a vehicle gets impounded, there's a limited window in which it can be reclaimed before they auction it off - the priority of the state collecting on a debt outweighs those of private institutions, and they can sell the car with the purchaser being free and clear the moment they buy it and effectively break the finance company's lien on the vehicle. The finance company isn't going to be keen to let this happen, and will take steps to ensure that it doesn't, including repossessing a vehicle they fear will be lost in impound.

Your car was impounded and your husband had extraordinary license inclusive have you got rights what can you do?

Not enough information is supplied about the reason for the vehicle impoundment.For instance - was it impounded as evidence? Was it impounded as being used in a crime? Was it impounded as an unsafe vehicle? Was it seized for drugs? Was it seized pursuant to an arrest for DUI?

Is bank liable for lot rent prior to date of repossession?

Your question is a bit confusing. There are a couple possible scenarios, and a couple of possible answers. If you rent a parking space, and the vehicle is repossessed, then no. The lenderis not responsible for the debt you encurred. If the vehicle has been impounded, and has remained in storage long enough to have accrued storage fees, then the bank must pay those fees before they can recover the vehicle. However, those fees will be transferred to you, the contracted borrower and the person who allowed the vehicle to be impounded. If the vehicle is being held on a mechanic's lien, the same situation. The bank will pay the lien and transfer that cost to you.

Can a creditor place a lien on a vehicle you once owned but sold?

If you transferred the vehicle to a friend or family member for less than fair market value in order to avoid a creditor the court can nullify the transfer and the creditor can place a valid lien on the vehicle.

Can a home be sold when a lien is on it?

No a home with a lien on it cannot be sold. A lien gives first right to the property to the creditor.

Can the lien holder take the car form the impound before the 30 day hold is up?

While I am not familiar with this "30 day hold," but the lien holder of a vehicle may take possession of the vehicle at any time after the loan has been defaulted. That is if you the borrower go delinquent on payments, and the vehicle is impounded (potentially for parking violations or excess unpaid tickets), the lien holder will receive notice. Actually they receive notice of impound even if you are not delinquent. If the lien holder pays the outstanding impound and storage fees, they may take possession of the vehicle.

Who owns the vehicle you or the lien holder?

Well, you own the vehicle subject to the lien. You cannot sell or refinance the vehicle until the lien holder is paid. If you don't pay the lien, the lien holder can repossess the vehicle. So you own it subject to your paying the loan.

Purchasing a vehicle privatley with a lien?

If you accept a vehicle title that has a lien placed on it you become responsible for settling that lien

How do you get a car that has a lien on it in your name registered in your mother's name since she is the one who will be driving it?

A vehicle with a lien holder named on the title cannot be traded, transferred or sold without the title being cleared by the lien holder.

Can a vehicle be impounded for not having a license plate?

Yes, it can be.