Can a whiplash injury cause teeth to die?

I can answer this question. The answer is yes. Whiplash can cause your to clentch down on your teeth causing an impact. This impact can be uniformed and thus the damage teeth caused by the concussion injury may not be symptomatic for years (usually within two years). The injury causes an inflammation (chronic) response and will slowly destroy the vascular bed of the pulp and then the injure tooth or teeth dies. I have seen damage of this type extend to many teeth up to 28 teeth. The accident may even be a minor care accident. Remember, humans are 90% water. Any impact is a serious multiplication of forces. Check your high school physics text. Martial artist rely on impact to stop an opponent. Impact forces are measured to be so high that it may be beyond believe. Whiplash can cause injury similar to a kick or a punch to the chin called "an upper cut" in boxing. I have been researching this subject for the last two years and I presently hold a degree in Dentistry and Medical Sciences.