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Can an akita and a chihuahua be bred?

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2009-08-26 06:06:01

It's not impossible. It would have to be Chihuahua

male/Akita female. There is no way a female Chihuahua could

possibly give birth to Akita pups. My 1.5 male Chihuahua breeds to

my large female Dachshund and gives me beautiful "Chiweenies." My

female "Julie" lays on her side, and "Magicman" performs his magic,

turns backward. He stands there and she lays there until they

unhook. It can be done manually as well. An breeder experienced in

artificial insemination should be consulted for this. When cross

breeding, for the safety of the female, you must have her as the

larger breed for easy birthing. I strongly recommend not trying to

breed the two together, It would be rather difficult for them

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