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Can an akita and a chihuahua be bred?

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It's not impossible. It would have to be Chihuahua male/Akita female. There is no way a female Chihuahua could possibly give birth to Akita pups. My 1.5 male Chihuahua breeds to my large female Dachshund and gives me beautiful "Chiweenies." My female "Julie" lays on her side, and "Magicman" performs his magic, turns backward. He stands there and she lays there until they unhook. It can be done manually as well. An breeder experienced in artificial insemination should be consulted for this. When cross breeding, for the safety of the female, you must have her as the larger breed for easy birthing. I strongly recommend not trying to breed the two together, It would be rather difficult for them

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What was the Akita first bred for?

The Akita was first bred to hunt large game such as boars and to battle with other dogs in dog fighting. Learn more about the breed history of the Akita at the related link.

Where was the chihuahua bred?

They were original bred in Mexico, (Chihuahua means, "small dog" in Mexican). I hope I helped!

Why was the chihuahua bred?


Does the chihuahua come from China or Mexico?

The chihuahua was originally bred in Mexico.

Were did the chihuahua get their names from?

They are named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where they were probably first bred.

What was the chihuahua bred to do?

To help aztect warriors.

When was a chihuahua dog bred?

It really doesn't matter as long as the dog is as delicate as the chihuahua.

Is the Chihuahua from Mexico?

Chihuahuas were originally bred in Mexico.

What are akita inu's bred for?

they are made for, protecting there family and baby sitting small children

How do you know if a chihuahua is pure breed?

It will have everything a chihuahua should have. It will not have anything from another type of dog. Also if it has papers then it is a pure bred.

When does a chihuahua dog give birth?

My Chihuahua gave birth 64 days after being bred only one time. Hope this helps!

What was the Akita bred for?

Historically, the Akita was a Matagi (hunting) Dog used for hunting large game. They were also used for guard dogs and companion animals. In later times the Akita was used for fighting in the southern regions of Japan. They are now used as companion and guard pets.

What is your pet's name?

I have one Pure bred Akita his name is "Sampson" he is very big and the name just fit him.

When was the first chihuahua born?

The first Chihuahua dog was bred in Mexico around 1530. They are commonly very small and can live 15 to 20 years.

How much for a chihuahua?

Bred -800 to 3000+ dollars. Normal Rescued-150+ dollars

What were chihuahua breed for?

Chi's were bred for companionship, nothing else Actually, the Chihuahua was bred as a Mexican hunting dog. The suspicion of all strangers and tiny size was a help in alerting the Mexicans to the 'trespasser' and also it could hide and get along quite easily.

What is the average price for a non pure bred chihuahua?

Well, you can get a dog for only 200 dollars in . And that's where I'm getting my dog from, I can assure you.

What are mini-wawas?

Miniature Chihuahua dogs, bred down to be smaller than normal.

Your 5 and a half month old male chihuahua bred your female is it possible for him to produce puppies?

My 6 year old chihuahua is pregnant by a 6 month old chihuahua. The vet said that the pups may not survive after birth.

What where chihuahua bred for?

they werent exactly bred for anything,but the ancient people used them as what they called "hot water bottles" because they always laid on people and kept them warm somehow

All toy dogs but one have been bred down to be that small What is the only natural toy breed?


Which is stronger a fox or a dog?

Depends. A bull mastiff and akita is a fighting dog so yet they andstronger than a fox but a chihuahua is much much weaker!!

Which is stronger Doberman Pinscher or Akita?

a doberman pinscher is well stronger and would kill an akita if attacked! I think a doberman would be stronger an akita will not kill it an akita will not kill it an akita will not kill it

Is it safe for a female teacup chihuahua to mate with a male fox terrier chihuahua mix or would the puppies be too big for her to deliver or carry?

dogs can technically be bred with any kind of dog. i have a wired hair terrier and Chihuahua mix. so you should be fine.

Why was the chihuahua orginated in Mexico?

They were first bred by the Toltec civilization around 100 AD. The first archaeological findings of such breed were found around 1850 in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, from which the breed took its name.