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No. The employer cannot force you not to take the coverage. However, if you don't want you may have to sign a waiver.

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Q: Can an employer force an employee to drop group health insurance coverage because the employee is eligible for coverage through his spouse's plan?
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Is the insurance company required to notify you if your employer cancels the company policy thereby cancelling the employee coverage?

No. The Employer must notify you.

What is the term for the amount you and your employer pay in exchange for insurance coverage?

The amount that is paid for any kind of insurance is called "premiums". The same term applies whether an employee or employer pay for the insurance.

Can an employer force an employee to show qualifying event to drop coverage?

No, an employer cannot harass their employees into dropping coverage. It is not the employers business to get involved in the personal insurance details of their employees.

How do you maintain health insurance coverage for your wife and son after you turn 65 and are eligible for Medicare?

Where you covered under an Employer Group or Individual Plan? If Employer Group - they would be eligible for COBRA - If Individual - then just tell the Insurance Company to take you off.

Who is legally responsible for carrying professional liability insurance coverage the employer or employee?

Neither, This is generally addressed in the terms of your employment. Sometimes the company will provide the coverage while other times The employee will. However, Most often, when working in the employ of another the employer will carry the necessary coverage.

Does an employer need to wait 90 days to start garnishing health insurance for employee?

No. An employer can start offering health insurance to employees day 1. Due to health care reform, effective January 1st, 2014, a group health plan may not use a waiting period that exceeds 90 days. A waiting period is the period of time that must pass before coverage for an employee or dependent who is otherwise eligible for the plan can become effective. Being eligible for coverage means having met the plan's eligibility conditions (such as being in an eligible job classification).

If an employee leaves does the employer have to provide Cobra insurance until they find another insurance company?

If you had an employee covered under a group policy (less than 5), do you have to provide Cobra insurance to the employee until they find other coverage if they leave the company?

In Pennsylvania can an employer legally ask an employee for proof of marriage or divorce before adding or deleting insurance coverage for a dependent?

Yes, it is more likely it is the insurance provider's requirement rather than the employer.

You have had insurance with your current employer for 18 months If you change jobs are you immediately eligible for coverage with your new job?

Depends what the waiting period is. You would probably be eligible for COBRA in the interim.

Can an employer suspend health coverage if the employee pays part of premium?

No, an employer cannot suspend health coverage if the employee pays part of premium. as per Law.In case where the employer pays the entire premium, he can suspend health coverage on one pretext or other.But when the premium is equally shared by both the employer and employee, it would be a contractual violation and the employee can sue against his employer for remedy.

If an employer pays the premium on medical insurance and forces an employee to take that coverage is there anything the employee can do if they are covered under another plan?

Contact your human resource or personnel department people. If you have to self-pay for your health insurance coverage at your workplace you may be able to select not paying for it and decline the coverage. It depends on the insurance laws in your state and what is the policy at your workplace. If your employer pays for the insurance for you and you don't have to pay anything then why turn it down? Medical care is very expensive. And if you lose your job you may be able to continue that coverage until you have coverage from a new job.

Is an employer responsible for continuing health insurance coverage if an employee is out on workers compensation claim?

I don't know anything in the Code that requires it. The EmployER application for Group Medical Coverage asks if an Employer would like to allow an employee to keep coverage for up to 6 months. What if the Employer is only paying a portion of the premium? The Employee would still have to pay his portion. For a copy of the Blue Cross employer application Question # 10 There is always COBRA

Can your employer give health insurance coverage to one employee but not the other?

Yes and no, depends on the circumstances. Are they similar situated individuals? Does the employer care about the premiums being tax deductible?

Does the healthcare law require employers to include in the W-2 form of each employee the aggregate cost of applicable employer sponsored group health coverage that is excludable from the employee's g?

Yes if the employer is claiming the credit the amount of the medical insurance premium that the employer is paying on behalf of the employee will be included on the W-2 form to inform the employee of the amount that the employer is paying for the employee.

If you are laid off how long does your employer have to keep your insurance?

Your employer does not. Under a federal act known as COBRA (1985), you are entitled to continue your coverage through your employer's health insurance company at the full rate (your premium plus whatever your employer paid) or you may elect a lesser coverage plan under the same health provider, for up to 18 months (in most cases). While there is an additional act known as ARRA (2009) in which the government provides some eligible individuals with up to 65% of their health insurance through COBRA, the ex-employee is fully responsible for the full cost of the insurance - the employer has no responsibility to pay.

Can you drop you health insurance coverage at anytime from your employer?

Can you drop your health insurance coverage at anytime from your employer?Read more: Can_you_drop_your_health_insurance_coverage_at_anytime_from_your_employer

Is it illegal for an employee to go outside the employer for health insurance if the employer offers it?

Only if the employee is illegal. then fire him.

Does an employer have to provide health insurance to your spouse?

The employer does not have to pay for the spouse's coverage. It can be offered to the employee and the cost taken from his/her paycheck to cover the spouse. There is no legal requirement for the employer to offer coverage for spouses -- even at the employee's expense. However, it would be very unusual for a plan to cover only employees and not have coverage available for spouses and children.

If you lose your job and primary health insurance but are also covered through your spouse's group plan are you still eligible for COBRA?

That would depend on if your spouse's coverage is group or individual coverage. If it is group coverage offered by your spouse's employer then NO. Cobra regulations specifically say that you are not eligible if you have other employer sponsored group coverage with one exception. That is if the other coverage includes any pre-exisitng conditions clause that would deny you coverage for that illness/injury. If you have no pre-existing conditions or the pre-ex caluse does not relate to you (ie. pregnancy is a pre-ex but you are not pregnant) then you are not eligible. If the spouse's coverage is individual coverage and not group you are still eligible for Cobra.

How are Employee Employee plus spouse and family premiums determined?

Insurance costs depend on several factors, such as location, size of company and number of employees and claims history. It also depends on the kind of coverage, limits, coverage form, endorsements, deductibles and the overall claims history of the chosen insurance company. Then, your employer can decide if he wants to pay all or part of your coverage or your family's coverage.

How long must an employer pay unemployment benefits in Illlinois for a terminated eemployee?

The employer does not pay unemployment benefits. The employer pays unemployment insurance premiums to the State of lllinois. When the employee is terminated, the employee applies for unemployment benefits with the State of Illinois. The state determines if the employee is eligible for benefits and, if the employee is awarded benefits, those benefits are paid and monitored by the State of Illinois.

Can an employer force an employee to use their company health insurance as the employee's primary insurance when the employee already has very good insurance?

No, They can not

What is paid equally by employer and employee?

social insurance

Can an employer require and employee to get health insurance?


What is group life assurance policy?

A group life insurance policy is an employee benefit program. The employer is the contract holder, and the lives of the employees are insured. If the employee leaves the company the coverage may or may not be convertible to an individual policy (one owned by the former employee, rather than the employer).