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No, if they are similiary situated individuals. It could be done by class - say management vs. salaried

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Q: Can an employer offer the same insurance to employees but fully cover the premiums for some and require others to pay half of the premiums?
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Can a business provide insurance for part time employees?

Absolutely. In fact, a great way to attract employees is to provide a benefits package that can include health and life insurance. The employer may generally require the participating employees to contribute to the premiums.

Can an employer in the State of Michigan provide health insurance for only certain employees and deny others?

There are no state or federal laws that require your employer to offer health insurance. They can decide to offer plans to full time employees only. They can decide to offer to salaried employees only.

Can an employer legally require health insurance?

Probably, he's required by the insurance company to insure at least 75% of the employees or else the other employees can't get the plan. For more information see the link

Does a law require that your spouse take insurance offered by her employer if it covers at least 50 percent in addition to your employers plan?

No, it does require at 100% though. Insurance Companies generally require that an employer cover at least 75% of the employees. Those covered under other spousal plans don't count in the calculation.

Can an employer make you take health insurance if you already have insurance with your parent?

Some companies get better insurance rates if they require all employees to buy health insurance. IT is cheaper because the insurance company is not covering just the people that need it or use it.

Can an employer require and employee to get health insurance?


When your employer decides to get workmans comp in South Carolina do the employees have to be drug tested in order for the company to get the insurance or are they only tested after an injury?

Most insurers will require initial testing of all employees and random testing of all employees thenceforth.

Can employer require full coverage auto insurance?


Can an employer require spanish speaking employees to speak English at work?


Can an employer stop paying the premiums for an employees health insurance to cut costs?

In CA, yes. This may jeopardize the entire plan, as the Insurance Companies, generally require the employer to pay at least 50% of the premium. The employer could shop rates at with no obligation. Healthy employees, no pre-exisiting conditions can shop for individual plans here Those with health problems would not be able to get COBRA if there is no group health plan in force. They could get HIPAA

A Job Requirement?

Some jobs require that employees go to school to learn how to operate the heavy equipment that is used on the job. This is for the benefit of the employee so that they can be safe at work, and the employer will be able to prove to an insurance company that their employees know how to operate the equipment.

Can your employer require you to purchase life insurance?

If your employer require you to purchase life insurance and you are share a part of the total premia, please bear in mind that the ultimate purpose is the benefit of the employee. So the good intention has to be supported with equal contribution.

Which company provides the best term life insurance?

"State Farm has, by far, the best term life insurance that I have ever seen. Their premiums are low, they don't require an exam, eventually your dividends pay your premiums, and the payout is very quick."

Can an employer force an employee to take a physical?

noooooooooooooooAnother answer: In this state there may be a contract provision. An employer can require all potential employees to take a physical. School boards require all employees to pass a physical examination once a year. Employers may require employees to obtain a doctor's approval to return to work after three days of sick leave. The same rule would have to apply to all employees.

Does there have to be a certain amount of employees to have disability insurance?

There is no minimum requirement to be able to get disability insurance. Individual plans are available for employees or self employed individuals; These plans have the advantage of being portable - you take them with you if you change jobs. Employers may put a disability plan in place on a group basis, which usually does not require any medical underwriting. Employer groups can start from as low as two (2). Employer group disability plans are usually not portable, meaning you lose coverage when you leave the employer.

Can an employer require different waiting periods for medical coverage per class of employees?

Yes, an employer can require different waiting periods. Different levels of jobs may have different benefits which would require various waiting periods.

Do part time employees get health insurance under ObamaCare?

Obama's health care plan does not require employers to extend health insurance benefits to part-time employees.

What does Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax require each employer to file?

Form 941

Can your employer's health insurance require your husband to take his employer's health insurance if his is not free and not as good as yours?

My employer requires that my husband participate in his company's health insurance or they will drop him from their insurance. Insurance is a choice offered as a benefit by the employer because the employer is paying a portion of the cost to be insured. You do not have to participate if you don't want to. Also, the question being answered is that can an employer force an employee's spouse to take coverage offered elsewhere: NO. If a company offers a family health plan, they CANNOT specify that a spouse take other insurance if available. They CAN require that if you are declining coverage from them (your own employer), that you show you have coverage elsewhere.

Do you have to sign up for medicare at 65?

No; however, your private health insurance carrier probably will require that, especially if your employer is paying for your health insurance.

How much larger is the deposit for a perpetual insurance in comparison to other homeowners insurances?

Both insurance policies typically don't require a deposit. Simply payment of the premiums is required.

What is about life insurance benefits is false?

Employers normally require employees to pay a large portion of the cost of the life insurance benefit.

Do members receive free health insurance after retirement?

Not in all cases. Upon retirement most companies require the employee to pay the full cost of health insurance premiums. Health insurance is never free.

If you are working and you turn 65 do you have to use medicare as aprimary insurance?

Medicare does not require you to use it as your primary insurance; however, your private health insurance carrier probably will, especially if your employer is paying for your health insurance.

Are Medicare part B reimbursements taxable?

The Service has ruled in technical advice that amounts paid to retired employees for Medicare Part B premiums are not excludable from gross income under sections 106 or 105(b).In the case where a company makes payments to its retired employees to reimburse them for Medicare Part B voluntary supplementary medical insurance premiums, and the company does not require that a retiree verify enrollment in Medicare Part B, nor does it require that the retiree verify payment of the Medicare Part B premiums, then the reimbursement payments are not excludable under IRC Section 106 or 105(b).See PLR 9347008 and Rev. Rul. 61-146