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Q: Can an employer take all of a payroll check to pay a bill owed to them?
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With direct deposit how do you get the remaining part of your payroll check after the debt has been paid?

It depends on who is doing the depositing/withdrawing. If the person/company owed money set up the direct payment from your payroll check, it should automatically stop when the debt has been paid. However, if you set up the direct deposit, it will continue to go through to them until you stop it by re-doing your direct deposit through your employer. Usually it's a form you fill out that lists the accounts your check goes into and the amounts - you would just submit a new one and it could take up to two (usually) pay periods to go into effect. And then the company you owed money to should cut you a check for the overage when you contact them.

What is a sentence using the word rectify?

Once John saw he owed fifty dollars for his energy bill, he wrote a check and mailed it in to rectify the situation.ORWhen John owed fifty dollars, he wrote a check torectify the situation.

Why is it when you ask for the check in a restaurant they bring us a bill?

The word Check is an old word. It used to be cheque. It represented an "amount owed" on a piece of paper. Once paper checks came out in banking they came to be checks that paid for the amount owed. If you look at a lot of the order pads the waitresses use in cafes you will see it is labeled check not bill.

May an employer use provident money owed to settle a debt?


Am I owed a buyout for not accepting health insurance benefits from employer?

No, you are not owed any money for skipping the employer's health plan. Some employers do this, but others do not. The employer is not required to pay you the cost of the health insurance, if you do not take it.

Can you sue your previous employer for not paying you all of the money that is owed to you?

Yes, you can. It will probably cost you more in legal fees than you'll get from your employer, but you can do it.

What is a sentence with the word rectify?

Once John saw he owed fifty dollars for his energy bill, he wrote a check and mailed it in to rectify the situation.

Invalid check is it still money owed to you?

If the check is invalid, then the debt has not been settled. The money is still owed to you and you can collect it in another form.

What is difference between bill receivable and bill payable?

bill receivable is what is owed to a company; bill payable is what is paid

Can an employer not hire due to bad credit?

If back taxes are owed, does this affect being hired?

How long does your employer have to pay you after being fired in the state of Iowa?

In the state of Iowa the employer has until the next scheduled pay day to pay any wages owed.

If you quit are you entitled to owed vacation time in the state of rhode island?

Do you work for an employer covered by a Union Contract? If yes, see contract. If no, it is up to your employer and their personnel policies.

In Missouri does the employer have to pay you after you gave him a 2 week notice and he terminated your employment?

The employer has to pay you whatever you are owed from time you have worked, but that is it, unless you have a contract that states otherwise (you probably do not).

How would you draw a picture of a tariff?

A tariff is a tax, or a bill. Draft out a picture of a bill with money owed.

What is the homograph for Beak and statement of money owed?

beak can also mean bill and a statement of money is a bill

You gave a check to a doctor 3 years ago he lost it He just found it Do you have to give him a new check?

Pay the doctor. He might have to charge you interest. Yes. You agreed to pay the bill which was owed. Since the check was not cashed, the bill was not paid. You are still obligated to pay the bill--both legally and ethically. After all, don't you want to make good on your debts? The 3-year-old check cannot be cashed, so a new one must be written.

What if I forgot to sign check for owed state taxes?

They will not forget to rectify that.

What is the homophone for the word bill?

a statement of money owed for goods or services supplied.

What do you mean by payroll in ms Excel?

Payroll involves keeping track of pay owed to employees in exchange for work. The meaning related to MS Excel depends on the context. If someone says, "I do payroll with Excel," they most likely mean they keep track of employee's time, taxes, and other data to generate information needed to create a paycheck.

Can you file bankruptcy on a Incarceration bill and escape having to pay?

Don't understand the phrase "incarceration bill," but if it has anything to do with something owed to the government, no, you can't. Debts owed to the government are not discharged during bankruptcy, only private debts.

Does an employer have to pay you vacation pay if the company is selling out to another company?

Laws may vary from state to state, so check the details in your state of employment to be sure. In California, you are owed your unused and already vested vacation time regardless of whether your quit or are fired, etc. If you are being terminated as part of the sale of the company, then you should still be owed your vacation time.

Is it legal to preprint a check with void after 30 days?

Yes. Pre-printing a check with the notation "Void after 30 days" is permitted by law. However, most banks will pay the check after the 30 days have expired. The reason is that banks are under no legal obligation to reject a check merely because the drafter wrote "void after [#] days" on the check. Restrictive legends or limitations such as "void after 90 days" or "not to exceed $500" have no legal effect. Once a check has been outstanding for more than six months it is considered "stale." Contrary to common belief, this too does not mean a bank will reject the check. It merely removes the legal obligation upon which the bank owed to its customer to pay a valid check. After that time, a bank may pay the check, provided payment is made "in good faith." But let's say your bank rejects the check. You ask the person who originally wrote the check to reissue it. That person refuses because it's after the 30 days. Now a separate legal issue arises: Must the original drafter of the check, who wrote "void after 90 days," reissue another check which is after the 90 day period? In other words, is the underlying debt extinguished? In most circumstances, a court would not favorably treat the drafter of the check who is confiscating or relinquishing the money of the other person without compensation. That's called forfeiture and the law abhors forfeitures. Let's say your employer drafted a payroll check and issued it with the notation "Void After 90 Days." After the 90-day period lapses, you ask your employer to reissue another check but they refuse. Would a court allow an employer to withhold payroll to its employee merely because the employee was not diligent in depositing a payroll check? Probably not, but since there is little to no case law on point, it is anyone's guess how a court might rule. Until such a case reaches a reviewing court level, you'll have to stick to basic principles of law.

Can the debt collection company pursue you for the owed amount now in 2008 if you owed a bill for 70.00 from 1999?

Yes, you can be pursued for a debt from 1999. Once you owe a debt, it is always owed until it is written off by the company or paid by you.

What Country will not extradite for child support owed in the US?

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Can an employer garnish wages to settle debt that is owed such as unpaid child care?

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