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Nope. Illegal. He could get into big trouble. Even if you totally screwed up they can't take from your cheque. They could fire you for not following policy, but if you followed company policy they can't do a thing. The poster above is right. Get a lawyer or call the employment commission. The number will be on a poster near the time clock. This is very illegal. I work for a company that cashes checks and it would be wrong for them to pull it from YOUR check. If you cash a bad check they may write you up or fire you over it, but there should be no reason for them to take money from you.

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Q: Can an employer withhold money from your check if you work for a company that accepts checks for purchase and the check bounces but it was not your own check but one accepted from a customer?
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In California can an Employer withhold an Employees check?

can my employer withhold my final check

Can an employer withhold your retirement if they fire you?

if you get fired can an employer withhold your retirement after working for them for 30 years

How do you withhold from social security?

You can't. An employer may withhold FOR social security.

Can an employer withhold an employees wages to satisfy an employee debt to that employer?

Generally not without a separate agreement that allows it. For example if the employee bought something through an employee purchase program.

Can an employer withhold a paycheck after 8 years employment and change pay period?

This would be the employer choice to do this yes.

What does withholding meant and why does your employer withhold funds from your paycheck?

Withholding means that employer is taking funds out of the check for taxes.

Can an employer withhold wages on pay day?

Yes they can if they have a resonable cause.

Can a employer withhold you last paycheck if he fires you under suspicion of theft?

An employer can withhold not a penny of your paycheck without your prior written permission. Not fed taxes, not social security, not 401K or pension. And not money allegedly stolen. Employer pays you in full and then sues you for the theft.

Can your employer withhold your pay if you fail to report in sick?

He can for the day that you claimed to be sick.

Can an employer withhold wages while employee is still working for the company?


What is the maximum fee an employer can charge an employee for wage withholding in ND?

They cannot charge any fee for performing the required payroll functions of an employer. They are required to withhold. The amount they must withhold is also defined.

Can an employer withhold your pay for your week of training?

An employer must pay at least minimum wage for any hours worked. You should call a lawyer.

Can your employer withhold your paycheck while you still work for them?

If the employer has a reason for doing this it could be possible. You could contact the labor board and ask them about this question.

What is the form w-4?

The W-4 is used by your employer to withhold the correct federal tax from your income. You must fill it out and return it to your employer.

Is employer able to take out workmen comp on your paycheck if you have to pay tax every year for being self employed?

First your paycheck with your net take home pay (net pay after all deductions) that you have in your hand will not have anything withheld from it because it is issued to you after all of the necessary taxes and other amounts that the employer is required to withhold from your gross wages, salary, earnings, etc. When you have a employer you would NOT be a self employed taxpayer with that employer and the employer payroll department would be required to withhold all of the necessary taxes, and items that they have to withhold from your gross wages, salary, etc.

Can an employer withhold money from your check for property damage?

This varies from state to state. In Maryland, an employer must make an agreement with the employee to have deductions placed on the paycheck.

Why would you want your employer to take out FICA and medicare taxes?

It's not an option for him, by law, your employer MUST withhold these taxes from your pay.

Is it legal for an employer to charge a fee for taking local taxes out of your check?

Absolutely "NO". They cannot charge to withhold taxes. They can charge to withhold a garnishment if instructed by the court.

Can an employer offer unsolicited personal or family advice and withhold medical benefits because the employer doesn't approve of employee lifestyle?

No. That is discrimination in the US and most of Europe.

What is the purpose of w4 forms?

Complete Form W-4 so that your employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay

Can an employer withhold money due an ex employee while investigating lost paperwork?

Employers must pay workers at least the minimum wage for all hours worked, regardless of promised pay rate. SO an employer can withhold all but the min wage times total hours worked.

Can an employer reduce your pay without your permission?

In most instances, yes. If you are referring to a wage garnishment a court order is necessary before the employer can withhold any funds.

Can your employer withhold your wages if you do not work your notice?

That will depend on the employment laws in your state. You should consult an attorney in your jurisdiction.

How many taxes should be taken out of your paycheck?

Social Security and medicare insurance amount of 7.65% will be withheld from your gross pay plus the other amount the employer payroll department will be required to withhold from your gross pay before they issue you your NET take home paycheck for the pay period. Then you will also have other federal income tax amounts and other items that your employer payroll department will be required to withhold from your gross earnings. You should ask the employer payroll department for the amounts that they will have to withhold from your gross earnings.

Can an employer take taxes out of your paycheck if you did not fill out a tax form?

Yes. Form W-4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate) gives the information that your employer needs to calculate the correct amount of taxes (income, Medicare, Social Security) to withhold from your earnings. If you don't fill out a W-4 form, then the IRS requires your employer to withhold taxes at the highest rate, which is Single with no dependent allowances.