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Check with the laws in your state before getting married, but in most states, anyone who marries a United States citizen can become a US citizen, and thus be legal.

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Q: Can an illegal immigrant become legal by marrying with an international student?
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Can a overstayed international student whose green card holder wife's immigrant petition for spouse has been approved get the geencard?

No, there is ABSOLUTELY NO BENEFIT IN MARRYING A GREEN CARD HOLDER. Since she isn't a citizen, she CANNOT adjust the her husband's status.

What if US citizen is a full time student marry to illlegal person?

If you're a US citizen, they're not going to take your citizenship away for marrying an "illegal". They may deport the undocumented immigrant and send you to jail if it looks like you were trying to break the law, though.

How long does one have to wait after legal marriage to a non-US citizen to be eligible for student loans?

I was a university student when I married my illegal immigrant husband. It made no change in my student loans at all.

Can illegal immigrant children go to school in the USA?

Yes, public schools do not ask citizenship questions, just residentual questions, to prove that student lives in their district. If a student lives in the schools district that public school is required to serve that student.

Can you marry an illegal immigrant that came into the US legally on a student visa but stayed in the country and there visa expired?

Yes you can. And once you marry the person becomes legal

When was International Student Volunteers created?

International Student Volunteers was created in 1982.

Is it illegal for a teacher to text message students?

No, it is no more illegal for a teacher to text a student than to email a student. It would be inappropriate for such to happen without the prior knowledge of the parents of the student, but not illegal.

Is it illegal for a teacher to shout in a student's face?

No, it's not illegal.

When was Programme for International Student Assessment created?

Programme for International Student Assessment was created in 1997.

When was International Student Exchange Programs created?

International Student Exchange Programs was created in 1979.

When was International Student Film Festival created?

International Student Film Festival was created in 1986.

Can an international student get a student loan without a co-signer?

It is possible to get student loans without cosigner by an international student, as currently there are various types of loans available for this purpose. International student loans are capable of bearing all the educational expenses related with a student and with a long repayment period.

Is it true that if an international student is seen with a person using marijuana or having criminal record she or he will be deported even though he or she has never done any illegal things?


When was Kyiv Student Journal of International Law created?

Kyiv Student Journal of International Law was created in 2005.

When did International Student Film Festival happen?

International Student Film Festival happened on 2010-06-12.

Are laser pointers illegal in Georgia and Are they illegal on school property?

In schools they are generally illegal for a student to possess.

Can a immigrant college student sue his parents if they refuse to support him financially after he is enrolled?


How can a student immigrant apply for marriage a US citizen?

eat lots of cheese

Can an illegal student go to college?

yes, in order for an illegal student to go to college they need to apply for a social number but you can only get it with a visa

Where could one acquire international student health insurance?

There are several options for one to get international student health insurance. The first option would be to check with the International Student Insurance Association or the COMPASS association.

Is it illegal for a teacher to give a student a test on something they have not learned?

no illegal. justo stupid.

Can a non-immigrant here on student visa get work permit?

Yes this is very common

What vacation plans are available from the international student travel agency?

There are many destinations available at a international student travel agency. It depends on the experience the student wants and how rough or luxurious.

Can you join the military right after marrying a US citizen I am an international student who's about to get a B.S. at a college resided in the US for 5 years now?

You could have before marrying. Once you're established as a permanent resident for one year, you're eligible to enlist as a foreign national. You may not, however, serve as a commissioned officer without being a citizen.

Is it illegal for a teacher to date a student and if yes why?

It isn't illegal if both are is called 'conflict of interest' if the student is in a class that the teacher is teaching. That is a serious breach of professionalism.

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