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As a general rule, no! Mineral water usually contains high levels of minerals, such as sodium, fluoride or calcium, that a baby's kidneys cannot tolerate. Spring water too, should be avoided, as there is no requirement to list the mineral contents and this too could be lethally high for a baby. The only safe bottled waters for baby will be labelled as such. If you need to give your baby water, it is best to use boiled and cooled tap water.

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Q: Can baby drink mineral water
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Which water is the best to drink?

Mineral water.

IS baby oil poisonous to drink?

Yes it is! It is made of mineral oil which is extremely dangerous to drink.

What do French kids drink?

Mineral Water

What do baby chicks drink?

Chickens drink water.

What water should a hamster drink?

A hamster should drink tap water or mineral water. Hope I helped!

Now a days why do people prefer to drink mineral water instead of tap water?

People prefer to drink mineral water rather than tap water as mineral water has had all the bad microbes taken out by a filter. Tap water however, has had the bad microbes taken out with small amounts of chlorine The chlorine is not good for you to drink. Now though, at home you can by a tap filter to get mineral water out of your tap.

Can you drink mineral rich water?

YES OFCourse!

How can you help a baby poop?

put some mineral oil in its food or drink

Which water is safe to drink distilled water mineral water or top water?

Among distilled, mineral, and top water, it is usually safe to drink them off. Distilled water is the best option as it has had all contaminates removed and is pure water.

How do baby rabbits drink water?

Baby rabbits don't drink water, they drink milk from their mother. Once they're weaned, they drink water just like adult rabbits do: by using their tongue.

Can you give baby corn snake tap water to drink?

Yes, a baby corm snake can drink regular tap water. They drink all sorts of water in the wild and it will not hurt them.

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What do baby frogs drink?


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Do baby rabbits drink water?

milk and water

How do squirrels drink water?

Well flying squirrels drink water with their tongues. But baby flying squirrels dont drink water.

Can you drink well water?

yes. well water is actually better for you than mineral water because mineral water has chlorine in it and is not that great for your health and body weight.

What do baby cheetahs drink?

baby cheetahs known as cubs drink its mothers milk or water from rivers

How do you give baby frogs water?

To give baby frogs water you just put them in the water and they will drink it

What does a numbat drink?

Numbats drink water. Baby numbats drink mothers' milk.

What do baby toads drink?

Water of course! they drink it through their skin

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frogs worms and drink water

How do you give your bay mineral water on baby Dow?

Once it reaches a certain age, mineral water will be required for their bedtime routine.