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Can copper and galvanized pipes be used on the same fitting?

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Yes and no. Pipes are pipes and many houses have both copper and galvinized. But copper and galvinized pipe must never come into direct contact with each other. You have to put what's called a dielectric fitting (available at your local hardware store) in between them. The problem is that without a dielectric fitting you'll get what's called electrolysis. Electrolysis eats holes in your pipes. Like I said, just put in a dielectric fitting. No sweat.

2006-08-30 00:37:08
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Is it okay to connect copper pipe to brass to galvanized to brass and back to copper or will it cause a reaction that will corrode the pipes?

If you do connect copper pipe to galvanized pipe, you will need a dielectric coupling or else the galvanized pipe will corrode. Same with connecting galvanized pipe to brass fittings. Brass is an alloy that contains copper and therefore the same electrolytic properties will exist unless a dielectric coupling is used. Hope that helps you out.

Is it safe to use copper and galvanized pipes on the same fitting?

No, you cannot join copper and galvy directly. A brass fitting needs to be between the two to prevent electrolysis. You could also use a special type of union that has a gasket between the two halves. It is called a Dielectric union. If this junction is between pipes on your water heater and the cold water supply line, you could use a fitting made for that that also is a back flow preventer (ie a check valve).

What are the differences between Galvanized pipe and black steel pipes?

Galvanized is for water, doesn't rust. Black is for gas. The pipe is the same, just coated differently.

When replacing old galvanized pipe with copper should all the runs be the same?


Can 2 pipe size share same heat number?

The two main pipes are plastic and metal. Plastic pipes have polyvinyl chloride and the metal pipes are either copper or stainless steel. Not all pipes have the same effective or be used the same.

Do you have to replace the copper pipes when replacing ac unit?

no need to change the copper tube if the capacity of the unit is same.

Can PVC piping be joined to copper piping using PVC cement at the joints?

No!!!! Use either a compression fitting, or what they call a Sharkbite, these things are incredible and will attach PVC, PEX, or copper using the same fitting.

Why do plumbers use copper pipes?

because the pipes don't rust as easy, and silver and gold are too expensive. That is another persons answer. Here are the main 3 reasons plumbers use copper pipes. Copper pipes are relatively non-toxic-unlike lead. Copper pipes do not suffer corrosion-as iron does. Copper pipes are relatively soft and easy to work with-unlike both iron and lead. However more and more homes are now using the plastic pipe such as Pvc and Cpvc which seems to serve the same purpose and are also safe, although both can be used, you still need to find out what code calls for in your city or town an abide by it.

What joint is used to joint copper pipe underground?

The same that is used above ground. Sweat fitting coupler. I would not use copper underground in an area that has winter.

When connecting interior PVC pipe to the galvanized pipe from the meter is there a possibility of major pressure loss?

No. Pressure and volume are not the same. You may loose a few pounds of pressure by using different pipes and sizing. But, what you may lose lots of is volume, the amount of water actually flowing thru the pipes. Old galvanized pipe corrodes on the inside and loses the volume needed to supply adequate water.

Can you mix brass and galvanized fittings?

No you cannot mix the fittings, the properties from the galvanised pipe will weaken the properties in the brass. It is always best to either change or repair a pipe or fitting with the same material.

What is meant by seamless copper pipes?

seamless pipe actually mean a non- welded pipe, (the word pipe says that it has a central cavity, means hole) this means there would b no scars or marks on the surface of the pipe. Seamless copper pipes are of the same type,,initially copper billets are produced by extruding the raw copper and after obtaining the cylindrical copper billet of required dimensions it is transferred to Mannesmann Mill (famous for extruding seamless pipes),, where the central cavity is initially made by piercing, and then drawing it (with a mandrel attached), into a long tubular copper,,

Is 22.5 degree fitting the same as the fitting diameter?


Is the plumbing good in a 1938 house?

For supply - Hot water pipes if galvanized steel are most likely ready to fail - cold water are most likely OK. If copper they should be OK depending on your water source. Test any with a flow test: how long to fill a five gallon bucket - should be less than two minutes.. For drains - must drain the same amount in the same time.

Why do water pipes in the house make noise?

air gets in the pipes.If air gets "into the pipes" How come water doesn't come out of the same opening that allowed the air to enter?The main way air goes into the water pipes is because of vacuum and there is many was to have a vacuum on a open non pressure line, because air is lighter then water it will always travel to the top of any fitting or pipe.

Why are silver coins not magnetic?

For the same reason that copper pipes and aluminum foil are not magnetic - silver is not a ferrous metal and has only very weak magnetic properties.

What is Id versus od size in copper fittings?

id means inside diameter, od means outside diameter, copper pipe and tubing is measured by the od, therefore the od the pipe or tubing will be the same as the id of the fitting

Can you safely glue PVC to cPVC?

You can not do this. A -Their fittings and pipes are not exactly the same size. B There is no transition cement (or cement that works on both.)-You must do a mechanical joint. -( a threaded fitting on each piece)

Density of galvanized iron?

A galvanized iron is similar to steel; it is material that composed of cold-rolled and hot-dip galvanized mild steel. It has 7850 kilograms per cubic meter density same as a steel.

What is the same about a copper penny and a copper kettle?

Same density

What do you need and how do I raise the height of copper outside pipe water faucet?

Measure your pipe and measure height you want then purchase additional pipe of same size to reach height along with a sleeve and or elbow depending how far up you want to raise it. You will also so need to clean existing pipe. Get some flux and solder with a torch to apply solder. Compression fitting connections are the more expensive but easies way to connect plumbing without solder and a torch. With compression fitting parts you will need pipe wrenchs. Since these pipes are outside get some pipe insulation to help prevent pipes from freezing.

Are pipes and tubes the same?

Not at all

What is differences between galvanized iron and galvanized steel?

They are effectively the same thing because pure iron is almost never used and steel (iron/carbon alloy) is used for practical purposes. Galvanized means that the steel is coated with Zinc to prevent corrosion.

Does copper and brass have the same density?

No, copper and brass doesnot have same density.

How is recycling copper and extracting copper the same?

Maybe the same lies in the reuse of copper. The difference is that recycling copper is a general term which includes extracting copper and other processing methods.