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Can doctors licensed in Mexico practice in the US?


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Licensure and certification. All States, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories license physicians. To be licensed, physicians must graduate from an accredited medical school, pass a licensing examination, and complete 1 to 7 years of graduate medical education. Although physicians licensed in one State usually can get a license to practice in another without further examination, some States limit reciprocity. Graduates of foreign medical schools generally can qualify for licensure after passing an examination and completing a U.S. residency.


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First, they probably don't have a US license to practice in the USA. Second, why should they? They probably live the same standard of living in Mexico charging Mexican prices as US dentists in the USA have, and they don't have all of the bureaucratic b.s. to deal with.

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Good luck with that. Your better off trying to scratch up some money and trying to have it done in Mexico. Most doctors in Mexico do twice as many as doctors in the US and are much more experienced. Check out the link below I think it costs about 6500 or so in Mexico may be cheaper in some cities.

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In fact, the AMA represents about 29 percent of licensed U.S. doctors, according to the AMA's own figures.

It depends: Air From US to Mexico: passport From Mexico to US: passport AND visa Land From US to Mexico: ID and/or birth certificate From Mexico to US: passport AND visa

To get licensed in the US, many states require you to complete a Foreign Educated Nurses (FEN) refresher course. The course consists of 120 hours in the classroom and 120 hours of clinical practice under the supervision of a licensed Registered Nurse.

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Attorneys must first be licensed in a State or in the District of Columbia, then they must seek admission to the bar (license) of the US Supreme Court before arguing before it. See the link provided for the bar application page.

To get licensed in the US, many states require you to complete a Foreign Educated Nurses (FEN) refresher course. The course consists of 120 hours in the classroom and 120 hours of clinical practice under the supervision of a licensed Registered Nurse.

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