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Can ectomorphs become fat?

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Not likelyA true ectomorph has trouble adding bulk -- either fat or muscle mass -- to his (or her) frame. It is possible, albeit unlikely, for an ectomorph to add some adipose tissue and raise his body-mass index, even to unhealthy levels, but usually not without great effort.

Yes, but they'd have to be trying to get fat.

If you're an ectomorph who's trying to become fat, here are some tips.

1. Eat more meals per day. This makes you less full.

2. Eat lots of junk food. Cake is excellent.

3. A high fat, high sugar diet promotes intestinal bacteria that aren't metabolically efficient and store fat. This way, your metabolism dies down.

2010-01-02 15:21:23
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Q: Can ectomorphs become fat?
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What are the examples of body composition?

There are three major body types - ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs. Ectomorphs - have minimal muscle and minimal fat. An example would be a marathon runner. Endomorphs - have lots of fat. They have a pear shaped body. An example would be a sumo wrestler. Mesomorphs - have lots of muscle and have a 'V' shaped body. A prime example would be a gymnast.

What body type that is tall and thin?


How is ectomorphs clasified?

By their slim or linear body types

How do you not become fat?

by doing the opposite of How do you become fat?

How do ectomorphs build muscle?

The same way as everyone else.

What are the steps taken to become fat?

The steps taken to become fat vary depending on why a person has become fat. In many cases the steps to become fat simply begin with eating more calories than you burn. Being sedentary and eating foods high in fat can also cause you to become fat.

How do you become fat by working out?

You don't. You become fat by eating lots of calories.

Why are you fat?

You can become fat because of a medical condition. You can become fat if your food intake exceeds your energy output.

What if you overconsume the fat?

Then you will become fat yourself

What happens if you have too much animal fat?

you will become fat .........

How kids become fat?

McDonalds... :...( make kidsd fat

Why is a ectomorph person good at cycling?

Ectomorphs are good at endurance sports such as cycling and running because they are lean and muscular. Their body type means that they possess an ideal balance between muscles and fat that makes it easy for them to propel themselves forward.

Should you become fat?


What happens if you eat food high in fat?

We would become fat.

Why to cut down on fat?

because if you don't then you become fat. simple.

What will happen to your body if you consume too much fat?

you become fat

How you become fat naturally?

Well, you can't, you have to be trying. But you become fat by resting all day and eating lots of pastries.

How do people become fat?

People become fat by eating too much, not exersising, and laying on the couch watching tv with a bag of potato chips in their hand. people become fat after eatting a lot of fatToo much junk, not enough physical activity

What are people who have tall and thin body types called?

People who are naturally tall and thin are called ectomorphs.

What should you eat to become fat person?

Who would want to be fat anyway? :S

What are the three body types and please explain them?

Endomorphs body types are more heavily boned and has less muscle than fat.Mesomorphs body types are more muscular, with the weight evenly proportioned.Ectomorphs body shapes are slim and long with smaller hips and waist.

What do badgers get out of there food?

they become big and fat

What to eat to become fat?

Nuts, cheese.

What did King Henry the 8th become?


What are the top foods that become fat?

For the same number of calories, any food is essentially just as likely to become fat if not burned. If you consume more calories than you burn, the food will be stored as fat.