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Can galvanized pipe be used in the wall to move your natural gas stove four feet over?

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Above-ground gas pipe must be black steel, galvanized steel, or brass. Copper is not acceptable. Gas pipe must be at least 6" above the ground unless it's a type approved for burial. Buried gas pipe is not permitted within any building or structure.

Every appliance is required to have an accessible shutoff valve within 3' of the appliance and ahead of the union connection to the appliance.


The couplings or "thread protectors" which are commonly supplied with lengths of pipe are not tapered-thread type and are not permitted to be used. Ground-joint unions are only allowed at exposed appliance connections or outside the building on the outlet side of the building shutoff valve. In all other situations where a union-type connection is required, a left-right nipple and coupling must be used. Bushings are only permitted in exposed locations and must not be used where they will be covered by permanent construction.


Underground gas pipe must be factory coated steel pipe, or approved PVC or PE gas pipe.

Factory coated steel pipe is required to be at least 12" below grade. All fittings, short nipples, and nicks in the factory coating must be wrapped with tape which is listed and marked for that purpose. Such tape is commonly available in 10 mil and 20 mil thickness, but it must be applied spirally so that the final thickness is at least 40 mils. This type of underground gas pipe has to be separated from the above-ground gas pipe by a dielectric union or an electrically isolation fitting/ coupling.

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