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Since Gunite is a force-applied cementitious application (simply "concrete", pumped from the mixer-truck through a hose to a hand-held high-velocity air spray nozzle), "wet conditions" may or may not cause a problem.

If you mean that the soil conditions are persistently wet, and have a history of being low and wet, then you need to consider mucking out the area where the pool will be located and replacing the poor soil with properly placed and compacted fill, ONLY after you have determined the source of the water and proper drainage is in place. Gee, sounds expensive... consider new bicycle.

If, on the other hand, you are asking whether or not Gunite may be applied to the formed shell and steel-reinforcement in the inclimate weather, then your consideration must be the force and volume of the rain, and it's effect on the Gunite. Concrete is often placed underwater for bridge construction, etc., and often contractors will place water sprinklers on a freshly poured concrete slab to enhance the curing and hardening process, so simply being "wet" is not necessarily a bad thing. The decision to install Gunite in questionable weather conditions will be made by the contractor, so be sure you've properly vetted the company's reputation, as well as warranty callbacks and performance.

Good luck with your project...

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Q: Can gunite be poured in wet conditions and will this affect the integrity of the gunite?
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