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Can lose weight if you play football 4 times a week?

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You can lose up to 10 pound a week by doing that :)

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Is gym is better too lose weight or games like football?

the gym is better because you do the work out you need to play football

Is football good to let lose weight?

of course it is! i play football myself and football firstly tones your muscles especially your leg muscles also because it is so fun you don't even realise that your doing the exercise half the time...

Why do you play sport?

I play sports to lose weight,have more condition and get flexible

Do NHL player lose weight during a game?

yes depending on what position they play they can lose up to 15-20 pounds of water weight.

Why is agility needed for football?

it really isn't.. that's doesnt matter what weight u are you can play football

What is the Weight for High School Football Player?

that depends what position you play.

Im 10 YEARS OLD how can you lose weight and im starting to play football how can you lose weight im 81 pounds?

each morning try to get up 1 hour early and take a 20min run also try to be vibrant and get involved with p.e at school and at lunch time that's how i did it.

How much does a football weight?

It depends on the level of play, college and high school balls are different weight

Can the weight of a football affect its distance?

yes it can i play football with many different sizes and they all travel in differences

Can a division 1 red shirt football player play any games?

yes, a redshirt football player CAN play in games. However, if they do play, even a single down, they lose their redshirt status

How can a teenager have fun and lose weight?

1) Dance 2) Bicycle 3) Swim 4) Play Tennis 5) Play Football/Soccer/Baseball/Basketball 6) Golf 7) ANYTHING ACTIVE - BE ACTIVE WHILE YOU CAN BE ACTIVE!

Im 11 years old and you weigh 10 stone are you fat?

well I'm 9 stone and 11 but play rugby,you could be big boned but if you wan to lose weight then do a bit of running or play a sport like football or rugby

What does Jem have to do in order to play football in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Jem has to gain weight. The football coach tells Jem that if he gains twenty-five pounds by the year after next then he can play.

How fast can you lose weight when you fun?

depends i guess.you can play tag,go to the park,play a game of basketball or something.

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