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They generally do not keep the keys, as it would be too many keys to keep track of. Each vehicle usually has a special code that can be used to cut a duplicate key for your vehicle. They do not need an original key to do so.

They can keep it, and I'm sure they would feel just as uncomfortable giving back your car without having a key to it. Car repossession is not the first thing that takes place, it's the last thing they do when all else fails.

They seem to think this may happen again and I am sure the key is not in the possession of the repo man, but the financial institution who hired him, for future use if necessary as they still hold a lien.

Most repo agents have master keys to vehicles. Each model and make have what is known as a master key that will work on all of them. Did you know that the key to your car may actually start another of the same year make and model?

NOT LEGALLY. Who would want the responsibility of having the key to a car they don't own?? What if it gets stolen?? The cops drag you in wanting to know where you were. MOST financial institutions DONT have keys to the cars they finance. Its all they can do to keep the paperwork straight so how could they keep up with keys?? Give me a break.

I own a repo company and each state has different laws for everything. you need to figure out what the laws are in your state. But in my state and probably many others as well I do not have a right to keep keys to a vehicle that isn't registered in my name or loaned to my buy the owners once the repossession has taken place. Not to mention I don't want them. After we get a car we move on to the next car we don't't dwell on the fact that we might have to get it again. If the lender is nice enough to give you a nother chance good for you, but stay on top of things our we will be back with or without your keys!

yes, some companies can use the key to decipher the actual code number, then give to the lien holder to keep on file, out here it ca, it comes in handy, most people out here get there car repo'd two separate times, sometimes three

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Q: Can repo agents keep a copy of your car key?
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Can a bank keep a copy of your car key they finance?

Yes. Banks and credit unions can keep a copy of key. This is so because if your financial institution has to repo your vehicle for any reason, they already have a copy of the car key to get it where ever the vehicle may be.

How do you keep a repo man from taking your car?

keep up your payments

Can you keep driving a repo car?

No, the creditor is going to wonder where it is.

Can the repo people keep belongings inside the car?

Yes. once they repo the car the only was to get items back is to pay off what you owe

Is it true that in Texas if they come to repo your car you can tell them to drop it and they have to leave?

YES, it is true in ANY state EXCEPT CA and FL.,there if its on the hook or in the agents control, its a repo.

If your car has been repossessed do you have to keep car insurance on it?

no, but it is recommended. the repo co has insurance and is bonded for this type of situation. you will have to provide proof of repo to your insurance co.

Can a repo person come into your closed garage and get the car?

NO. Have him arrested if he did that. _____ Sue the lender/bank do not waste your time with the Repo guys; they are agents of the bank so the bank is responsible for their conduct.

In the state of Illinois can the repo man bring a police man to help him repo your car?

An officer can be called to keep the peace. Otherwise, a repo is a civil issue.

How does the repo man get a key to your car?

I am a repo-Woman. If you purchased your car from a car lot, the car lot keeps a copy to the keys in case they need to reposess the car in the future when you dont pay. The repo-person can also get a key to the car from a dealer, such as GMC, etc. Or they can have a blank key, that accesses any car. If they dont have a key, they can tow it without a key. Pay for your car and you dont have to worry about it, :O)

In Utah can a car dealer repo the car and not give you the car or cureor not notfi you after its been repoed just simply keep your car?


If you lost the letter from the repo company and they will not send you a copy how can you get a copy?

"LETTER"? What letter do you need to get your car back? If you don't remember how much you owe, just ask them.

Can a car be repo in hospital in Detroit MI?

The car can be repossessed at any point where the recovery agents have the opportunity to seize the vehicle, so long as the repossession remains peaceful.

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