Can somebody with military orders to move somewhere out of the continental US and stepchildren whose mother has full physical and joint legal go outside of the US?

Yes, if the mother has sole custody of these children, but if she has shared custody there may be a problem. You said "joint" which means her ex and the father of those children also has custody. This can be a problem and you may have to see a lawyer regarding this and hopefully revise the custody orders of these children. Right now the children could be seeing their father every weekend, every other weekend, etc., but he may agree that he gets them on special holidays or at least once a month. When moving outside the U.S.A. you both must present this:

Your birth certificates and marriage certificate (if you are married) or proof of living together Visas in order Birth certificates of one or more children in her care All court documents proving she is the legal parent of these children and a document that she has full custody or her ex has granted her to move away with the children.

Be very sure that ALL papers are drawn up well to be presented as it will save you a lot of trouble in the end. Between 9/11 and Child Abductions it can get tough and I knowing crossing the border in Canada (where I live) they can detain you for quite sometime.

Good luck Marcy

if u have court order papers in some states it does not matter if the mother has full custudy or not she has to give at least 8 weeks in writeing certifed to the other parent that they are moveing out of state if the parnt that does not have custudy agreeses its ok then he has to sighn the paprer if he dissagrees then it goes to court and u will have to go before the judge to explain why and if the other parent does not show then the judge will usuley favor in your side if the other parnent does show for the court hearing then the judge will decide based on the reasons and in the best intrest of the children i have been throguh his my self and this is wt we had to do