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Can someone outline the steps to change a front seal in the transmission of a 1993 Aerostar 2WD with a 3.0?

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April 28, 2009 4:26AM

not sure how indepth you want this but here goes the short version first you remove the transmission from the van then you remove the tourque converter from the transmission and then you have a shaft sticking out that the tourque converter was on and where the shaft enters the transmission the seal is there! remove it and install the new one and re install in reverse off the removal process EMEMBER WHEN YOU REINSTALL THE CONVERTER TO LUBRICATE THE OUT SIDE OF THE PART THAT SLIDES IN TO THE SEAL AND MAKE SURE AS YOU PUSH THE CONVERTER BACK IT CLICKS 3 TIMES NOT JUST 2 OR YOU'LL BUST YOUR PUMP THEN YOU GOT BIG PROBLEMS!