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Can the 2 different drivers side window switches on a 98 Contour be interchanged if you know the wiring layout for the pinouts?


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2009-10-02 22:06:46
2009-10-02 22:06:46

If you are talking about the 4 Drivers switches, I know that they are interchangeable (same switch) in each location


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In the drivers footwell , on the side panel in front of the drivers door , there is an access hole for the switch

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In the drivers footwell , the picture shows an access hole in the kick panel by the drivers left foot

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more than likely you will have to replace the drivers side master switch

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The neutral safety switch on a 95 ford contour is on the drivers side of the transmission. It is a black box where the shift linkage connects.

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the dipstick for the tranmission is on the drivers side in the back of motor.

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